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By: Ontario Refrigeration  09-12-2011
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With offices in Ontario, Glendale, Costa Mesa and San Diego and Phoenix,
we are never too far to provide service assistance whenever
your equipment may require it.

At Ontario Refrigeration, we specialize in providing our customers
with customized maintenance programs to fit their needs.
This benefits you with:

Increased life expectancy for equipment

Greater efficiency from equipment

Increased equipment performance

Early detection of equipment problems

Ontario Refrigeration is your best choice for service because:

We have 45 years of service experience in Southern California and Arizona                       

We have over 1,100 Service Agreements in effect today                         

Our entire operations team attends weekly training and communication meetings

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals, who ensure the job is  done correctly the first time                                                      

Our wireless digital communication and dispatch ensures prompt and effective service                                                                                                         

Our computerized scheduling and tasking ensures the right service is performed at the right time.                                                                       

Ontario Refrigeration Service Programs are proven and cost-effective

Ontario Refrigeration offers several Service Program options to provide you with customized service. The benefits of having equipment under agreement with Ontario Refrigeration include: 

Maximum energy efficiency, by fine tuning each segment of the mechanical system

Extended useful life of your equipment, which represents a substantial capital  investment                                                                                                  

Improved System Reliability                                                                                  

Improved environmental and comfort conditions for building occupants        

A cost for maintenance that is fixed and budgetable                                

Reduced overall operating expense                                                                          

Single-source responsibility                                                                        

Peace of mind                                                                                                     

Ontario Refrigeration will provide a Service Program designed to thoroughly evaluate your system’s performance characteristics. Your system will be operating at its maximum efficiency providing clean, reliable comfort for your occupants.

Our CSP and ASP Service Programs includes computerized evaluation of your equipment’s needs. Utilizing manufacturers recommendations, equipment run times, equipment age and over forty years of experience, Ontario Refrigeration will custom-design a program to meet your needs.

Our ASP Service Program includes replacement of failed, worn and doubtful components and parts assuring the systems are in efficient operating conditions at all times.

Replacements will be equivalent to existing or most current design in order to minimize system obsolescence.

Maintenance Supplies

All required maintenance supplies such as lubricants, coil cleaning solutions, chemicals, rags, oils, etc. are included in your Ontario Refrigeration ASP Service Program.

Ontario Refrigeration provides assurance that your maintenance needs are met. Careful scheduling of technicians, materials and parts allow peace of mind, knowing your systems are taken care of properly.

Detailed reports will provide updated information regarding your equipment’s status.

Predictive Maintenance Services are performed to detect early signs of deteriorating performance and to predict potential system failure. Corrective actions can be taken in advance of costly disruptive breakdowns.

Our CSP and ASP Service Programs maintains the equipment filtration systems in order to reduce the contamination of the systems and assure the quality of air delivered to the occupants.

Filters have a significant effect on a building’s operating energy costs as well as occupant health.

Ontario Refrigeration's ASP Service Program will provide expert technicians to repair or replace worn, failed components and parts.

This assures that interruptions are minimal and systems achieve their maximum efficiency.

Ontario Refrigeration maintains a fleet of service vehicles fully equipped to handle any HVACR emergency 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Our technicians are dispatched utilizing computerized customer information to assure the right person responds to every emergency in a professional expedient manner.

Our CSP and ASP Service Programs includes a complete approach to managing your refrigerant requirements. If you are contacted by the E.P.A. for the Clean Air Act compliance, we can act on your behalf to provide the documentation they require.

Proper calibration, testing and maintenance of the temperature and safety controls can reduce occupant complaints, eliminate excessive usage and assure the safe/efficient operation of your mechanical system.

Keywords: Equipment Filtration, Filtration Systems,