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By: Ontario Granite  09-12-2011

Ontario Granite offers a full range of services for fabrication, transport and granite countertop installation. Of course, we do the same for any of the materials we sell, however, the process of bringing a granite project from conception to finish is representative of the type and quality of work we are experienced at doing.

First, unlike many other household projects, granite fabrication and countertop installation is not a “do-it-yourself” undertaking.  Foremost, the material is hard and heavy.  We have special equipment designed to move and position it for cutting.  At the proper stage of your project, our specialist will come to your home and take measurements to develop a template(s) for your kitchen and/or bathroom project.  If nothing else, this ensures that any errors (there won’t be) are on us, and not you.  Those templates become the guide for cutting the granite with our large diamond saws, including any sink cutouts, backsplashes or other accessories (e.g., cutting boards).

Notice on our photo page that we have the ability to fashion rounded or other complex edges for your countertop.  Also, rarely is it the case that a whole countertop can be fashioned from one slab – it has to be cut and fitted along exact seams.  This is a very precise process that doesn’t lend itself to an expensive, one-time homeowner experiment.

After fabrication, we will bring your granite countertop for installation in your kitchen or bathroom.  Given the weight and exact fitting necessary, we have the know-how and the tools to do everything right the first time.  Your granite countertop will be installed damage-free, to the exact measurements required, and sealed and polished to perfection!  When we walk out the door, you will know that you made the right choice in materials and service for your very special project.