By: Onset Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Tape, Theatre Production

OnSet Software Products

Each program from OnSet Software brings you far more options than you will find described here.  With every program we try to add several elements that go beyond normal usage in ease and usability and help you keep the magic in your movie or theatre production.  If you work  in theatre, film or video, as a director, stage manager, producer, production manager, assistant director or editor, you owe it to yourself to try out our programs.  If you're like us, you may never go back to your old style of computer use.

PRS provides a production tool for stage managers, directors and producers of theatrical play productions.  It provides a framework for breaking down and managing the various elements related to a play's scenes, and is particularly useful for creating actor/character rehearsal schedules.  PRS is currently in its release version and is currently available through Baker's Plays and Samuel French, as well as from some of your favorite theatre product suppliers.

CTL is a tape library database designed around the way that most companies' businesses and productions are structured.  Numerous production and technical elements can be accessed for any tape, and the library can be searched either on the tape level or on the shot log level.  Provision is also made for checking tapes in and out (using barcodes if desired).  One or more picture files can be associated with any shot in the tape log, and data entry can be greatly simplified by assigning 'presets' for many of the elements contained in the tape and shot logs.

Castology is a multi-purpose scheduler/manager for handling the casting process for plays, movies, television, and still photo shoots.  It is useful for both independent productions doing their own casting, and as a full featured scheduler for casting agents working on numerous projects simultaneously.  An Alpha version of Castology is currently available for testing at special alpha pricing.

Equipment Lister produces equipment lists and provides a database to help keep track of the various pieces of equipment rented and returned during a production.  Where it really shines is 'taking it on the road.'  New airline weight restrictions have put a premium on the packing system, and EL not only allows you to create packing lists for every case, but provides you with total combined weights for each case.  Currently in early  testing phase.

Keywords: Tape, Theatre Production