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By: One Call Maintenance  09-12-2011
Keywords: Landscape Construction, Landscaping & Design, Roof Leak Repairs

Repair Services:

•    Locksets: all knobs, deadbolts, panic bars and closers.
•    Adjust all types of doors: wood, metal, hollow, solid, sliders.
•    Repair all siding: vinyl, aluminum, wood, manufactured.
•    Stucco and parging repair.
•    Roof leak repairs ( Most types of roofing )
•    Concrete restoration: fill and smooth ugly cracks and honeycomb.
•    Concrete repairs: leaking crack injection, water stoppage.
•    Interior: finish carpentry, tile work, cabinetry, countertops, paint.
•    Drywall: repair, board and tape, stipple/texture,
•    Caulking: doors and windows, flashing.
•    Painting - Interior / Exterior
•    Glass replacement.
•    Deck, fence, Stair and gate repairs.
•    General carpentry
•    Signage.
•    Preventative maintenance programs.
•    Skylight repairs and replacements.
•    Carpet cleaning
•    Lighting - bulb & ballast replacements

Project Management:

We realise that many members of condominium boards have little or no construction experience yet are sometimes put in the uncomfortable position of having to oversee a construction project. Let us take the stress out of upkeep projects on your site. The managers at One call Maintenance have been company owners, project managers and site superintendents. We have the background knowledge to make sure that the owners are getting what they pay for. Remember, we plan to work on your site permanently so it is also in our best interest to insure that all buildings are in good condition.

Water Penetration:

Water leaks can be devastating. The worst thing that can be done to a water leak is a band-aid fix. Since water leaks generally cause interior damage, failure to properly remedy the problem can lead to money wasted on interior repairs being done over and over.  Water must be stopped; permanently.
One Call Maintenance has the materials and expertise to stop water leaks from anywhere. We regularly, permanently seal water and air leaks in roofs, walls, decks and foundations including parkades. The water is stopped permanently and the interior is restored. All with One Call.

Concrete decks are often thought to be waterproof but they are not. Concrete is porous and always slightly cracks and concrete decks are designed with rebar for strength. Once water penetrates the concrete, the rebar begins to corrode. As it corrodes, it swells and literally blows the concrete apart. Replacing concrete decks can devastate a reserve fund instantly. Routine maintenance and water sealing is a necessary investment and we can help.

Emergency Services:

We know how to prioritise. We respond quickly to water leaks, materials loosened by wind and security issues. We can also offer our contracted customers 24hr emergency service for things like leaks and break-ins.

Landscape Construction:

We are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered up with Greened Out Landscaping & Design to bring our clients a wide range of landscape construction solutions. All these products and services are available alongside our reputation for quality and timely solutions.

These products & Services include, but are not limited to;

•    Design Planning Services
•    Decks, Patios, Walkways
•    Fences, Gates, Walls
•    Flower Beds & Gardens
•    Creeks, Ponds, Fountains
•    Sheds, Storage, Garges
•    Irrigation
•    Trees, Lawns, Shrubs, Plants
•    Pool Construction & Maintenance
•    Outdoor Lighting & Sound
•    Liesure Ammenties

Keywords: Landscape Construction, Landscaping & Design, Roof Leak Repairs