By: Rec'repair  18-11-2010
Keywords: Camping, Boats, Trailers

   Rec’Repair is a patent pending composite material that can be used to repair just about anything.  The unique properties of Rec’Repair is the material is rigid at room temperature.  When heated, the material becomes very pliable, like tape, which allows the user to conform the material to about any shape.

  Rec’Repair has been used by outdoor enthusiasts for repairs on canoes, kayaks, jet skis, fishing boats, coolers, ATV fenders, RV vents, Boy Scout trailers and even a hiking pole.   Home users have repaired items around the house like a broken blind, luggage, a broken ice maker, car mirror and more.  

The durability of Rec’Repair has been tested and proven in the racing market as it has been used on race cars from local tracks to NASCAR.

Keywords: Atv, Boats, Camping, Emergency Repair Kits, outdoor equipment, rv, Trailers,