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By: Viamede  09-12-2011

Looking down from the hill beside our historic wedding chapel, you will see the duck pond. Take a left, and you will soon pass through the gates of Viamede’s budding farm. The ducks quack happily alongside the lone turkey as you walk past, but are quick to flee if you approach. As you continue along the trail, our three pigs will greet you with snorts, grunts and keen eyes on your lunch.

Welcome to Viamede Farm.

Viamede’s farm was started in the spring of 2011 as a test program, but has quickly grown into so much more. The original intent was to raise standard white pigs.  After much investigation and conversation, it was decided to raise heritage Tamworth pigs. While raising ducks for eggs has not worked out, the daily duck walk to their pond is a delight to guests and staff.

Our aim is to show people how farming can be. Happy animals eating great food with lots of space. And while, ultimately, these pigs will be used for food, we can do so respectfully without taking their dignity.

Viamede’s groundskeeper, Jarrod Craig, has been the main proponent of developing the Farm, and alongside Chef Ken VanMackelbergh, has made many of the decisions. Many staff have contributed ideas for the expansion of the farm, including sheep for wool, rabbits, more turkeys, or donkeys.

Guests are welcome to visit the farm.  Please ensure dogs are kept on a leash.  Our animals are precious to us.

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After watching the ducks parade down to the pond for their daily swim, or our three pigs snort around their acre of wooded land, you’ll feel like you’ve been on a mini adventure. With an every growing list of seasonal activities, we attempt to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy their favourite season through each experience. Each of us has a favourite season, and at Viamede we want each of our guests to enjoy their stay to the fullest.