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By: Java Journey  09-12-2011

Collectively we, the founders and operators of Java Journey, have spent over 100 years in office environments and in the delivery of services to clients.  You could say that we know a thing or two about service and we certainly know a thing or two about office coffee.  We believe that great service results in consistent delivery to the extent that it becomes transparent.  A reliable source of fabulous coffee is something you should be able to take for granted.  We also believe that when a problem occurs, it presents an opportunity to really show our service capability.  Service is the cornerstone of our business; from day-to-day delivery, to servicing special events, from special blending for taste preferences, to support of special fund raising events, we do it all.  For at the end of the day.. what's the point of relaxing, with a great cup of coffee, if the process of getting it is anything but...!      

No matter how much you beg us...  we will simply not, not do these things.   Why?  This is the regular service you get to ensure the best coffee possible from Java Journey.  There is no short cut to quality.
When the standard is not just good enough.. then what?  Customize!
So, you need to support a good cause?  Talk to us.  Maybe Java Journey can help.

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Plus we provide Hot Chocolate, black coffee, coffee with milk and French Vanilla Cappuccino, or any other flavoured cappuccino* that tickles your fancy.