By: Stratus  09-12-2011

Application downtime at the wrong time, even for just a moment, can have a severe impact on operations for businesses large and small. The risks include extreme financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, loss of productivity, and even loss of life. Stratus' solutions involve products and services customized to fit your business needs of maximum availability.

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Acknowledged as the Best HA Solution for SMBs, Avance software reinvents high availability to automatically deliver superior levels of uptime at a fraction of the cost of traditional clusters and other HA alternatives. With Tier-1 virtualization, disaster recovery and business continuity topping the list of server virtualization drivers, the need for complete, bullet-proof uptime increases dramatically.


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For more than 30 years, the financial services industry has relied on Stratus and its partners to guarantee 24/7 reliability of essential services, systems, and data in retail and corporate banking institutions and capital markets. Clinics and medical practices count on Stratus-based solutions to ensure real-time 24/7 access to clinical and administrative applications and patient data essential to safeguarding patient health and quality of care.