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By: Seenergy Foods  09-12-2011
Keywords: Recipes, Beans

IQF Beans

Low in fat, high in fiber, high protein, high in nutrients; beans are virtually a perfect food. With Seenergy IQF Beans, use the freshest tasting beans in your recipes. Our beans are pre-cooked and frozen. Use them on Salads, in Soups, in Entrées, as Dips! Adding beans to your daily meals provides full nutrition, and with our wide selection of beans, you will be able to find the right one for you.

IQF Grains

With the growing interest in grains and particularly whole grains, Seenergy is proud to offer a full line of IQF grains (including rice). Full of nutrients, grains provide a unique feel and look to any soup or entrée. Seenergy IQF grains are pre-cooked and frozen, giving you the freshest product for your recipes. Add them to any meal.

IQF Blends

Seenergy is capable of blending a variety of ingredients to improve customer production and speed up efficiency. We can blend beans, grains, vegetables, seasonings etc. to match your recipes perfectly.

Keywords: Beans, Recipes