SANYO :: Industrial Batteries :: Design & Engineering

By: Sanyo North America  09-12-2011


Our experience in battery design and development will support you with everything from the selection of the most suitable chemistry and cell type for your application to plastics and component expertise.


SANYO Engineering Centers provide our customers with complete mechanical, electrical and systems engineering support. The team includes project managers, mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers, drafters, technicians and modelers. Our engineering group is experienced in every aspect of battery pack design and development and can provide engineering support for a wide variety of applications.

Rapid Prototyping

From initial design, using the latest technology, SANYO can provide rapid prototypes of functional products.

Testing and Evaluation

Our testing and evaluation capabilities include shock and vibration testing, humidity and environment evaluation, and cycle-life analysis.

Quality Control

SANYO's reputation and leading market share positions linked directly to our commitment to manufacture high quality cells and battery packs. Through 100% rigid testing, inspection and process control, our quality control staff insures that product meets or exceeds your specifications.

Customer Focus

Throughout all of our processes, we recognize the importance of our customer and strive to provide outstanding OEM organization and technical services support.