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By: Perfection Auto Spa  09-12-2011
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We Specialize in:
Complete Water Sanding & Polishing
Showcar Preparation
Lease Returns - from $25
Exterior bug and tar removal, full rinse, hand wash, rims and tires cleaned, chamois wipe, air dry, outside windows cleaned and tires dressed.

- from $25
Interior Blown out, inside windows cleaned, seats and floors vacuumed and/or leather wiped, door's panels and dash wiped, floor mats cleaned and carpet mats steamed if needed.

- from $99.00
Complete interior shampoo, door panels, dashboard, centre console, nooks, cracks, vents are meticulously detailed, headliner is dry cleaned, carpet is vacuumed and shampooed, seats are steam cleaned or leather is deep cleaned, tunk and cargo area is shampooed.

- from $99.00
Hand Wax exterior is complelety washed, bugs and tar removed, paint is precleaned with claybar to remove microscopic elements and then a coating of carnuba is applied by hand.

- from $199.00
Paint Sealant exterior is completely washed, bugs and tar removed. Paint is precleaned with claybar and fallout remover. Completely dried and then a 2 step paint sealant is applied by hand. Lasts up to 12 months. Ideal for new cars or freshly polished vehicles.

- from $299.00
Single stage polish. Exterior is washed thoroughly and precleaned with claybar, then a single stage machine high speed polish is performed to remove swirl marks and light scratches and to enhance deepness of colour, followed by a coat of wax to protect.

- from $499.00
3 Stage Polish. Exterior is washed thoroughly and precleaned with claybar, then a polishing compound is used by machine to clean and remove all scratches and imperfections on the clear coat, followed by a polishing stage to remove compund swirls and bring out the depth of colours followed by a final machine glaze for a mirror like finish. All sealed with a paint sealant. This is a complete paint rejuvination.

- from $799.00
Wet Sand and Polish. This package depends on the condition of paint and customer expecations. It is to remove orange peel on new or old paint, dust spots, fish eyes, clear runs or overhardened clearcoat.

- from $199.00
Complete Detail consists of engine shampoo, complete interior shampoo, and complete exterior wax. (Packages 3 & 4 combined with an engine shampoo)

- from $599.00
TOTAL vehicle reconditioning is ideal for used cars. A complete interior shampoo and reconditioning, engine shampoo and an exterior 3 stage polish.

Perfection Auto Spa Detailing Extras

Leather Treatment $65.00

Engine Shampoo $40.00

Fabric Guard $65.00

Paint less Dent Removal -

call for estimate

Metal Polishing

- call for estimate Deep Scratch Removal - call for estimateHeadlight Restoration - call for estimate

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SUV and Mini Vans are extra
Fully Insured

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Keywords: Paint

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