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By: Mobigenics  09-12-2011
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Mobigenics offers a customized product line that incorporate specialized tools, technologies and expertise to create, deploy and deliver rich media content. By reducing the cost and complexity of delivering mobile content and services across multiple networks and access devices, customers can increase user satisfaction, business productivity and ROI.

Managed Mobile Services
Mobigenics is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive services for content providers, mobile network operators and enterprises – which elegantly solve the complexity of adapting digital information for individual mobile devices and digital channels – regardless of source, device and infrastructure.

The managed services include design, development and management and is built on the industry leading ODSP technology platform which is hosted 24/7 with dedicated hardware and software deployed in a secure environment. Thanks to its in-house end-to-end support capabilities, customers can rapidly deploy the latest mobile technology within days, without having to invest extensively in technology, infrastructure and training staff.


Two Way SMS

Bringing brands and consumers together
Mobigenics is a premier provider of mobile media and marketing services. Its ODSP offers clients varied development tools to create and deliver mobile content, messages or brand imagery onto mobile phones all over. From content creation to deployment across all major carriers, we make it simple for you. So you can concentrate on the big picture.

Mobigenics provides mobile application development and marketing services for clients in the following ways.

Corporate Mobile Portal
Total information mobility for enterprises

Mobigenics delivers faster, collaborative portal features to enterprises. Its Corporate Mobile Portal (CMP) brings key benefits to mobile employees while maximizing return on investment.

Mobile professionals often work in customer-facing roles like consulting, sales, engineering and auditing and need access to critical organizational information while away from the office. CMP makes it simple for remote employees to find, use and share knowledge. It also enables the fastest possible updates, even over low bandwidth dial-up connections.

Enhanced Productivity
Staff can now access the information they need, anytime, even when they are on the move.
Greater Return On Investment (ROI)
Fewer network connections mean lower connection costs and increased worker productivity.
Higher Service Quality
Representatives dealing with customers are always empowered with up-to-date information, enabling organizations to deliver a truly professional level of service.
Consistent User Experience
Mobile and remote workers can use the same applications or portals offline in exactly the same way as if they were connected to the corporate network.
Assured Business Continuity
A wealth of applications can be stored on Laptops and PCs in a highly compressed way, enabling workers to continue their work even when the corporate network is unavailable.
Information Sharing
Dispersed mobile and remote workers can collaborate and share new knowledge, ensuring they work as a united team irrespective of where they are located.

Just what the doctor ordered

With mobile technology revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations operate, Mobigenics is the right choice for keeping your operation on the cutting edge. We can help you improve quality of care, reduce costs, integrate information systems, and improve the accuracy of patient data.

Regardless of your technology focus, Mobigenics has the hands-on experience in the healthcare arena to help you unwire your operations — from the patient’s bedside to the back office.

Mobigenics offers a range of services, matching the appropriate technologies to your business requirements. We employ proven project management and delivery frameworks. This helps us assess your existing infrastructure, recommend a course of action, and establish a plan to help get you there — ensuring your healthcare enterprise has what it takes to succeed.

The Healthcare Mobility Package

Keywords: Business Productivity, Marketing Services, Mobile Content, Mobile Devices, Mobile Media

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Mobigenics - services

The company has years of combined experience in the marketing discipline as well as the architecture, design and implementation of scalable and highly reliable mobile solutions for carriers and enterprises. Utilizing interactive multimedia content, the web and event marketing, Mobigenics establishes a dialogue between brands and consumers through the mobile web.