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By: Metacorp  09-12-2011
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METACORP :: Vision | Strategy

We've assembled a few questions below to help you pinpoint your situation and better understand how we can provide support. (Hint: if you are answering "no" to more than one of these questions, we need to talk.)

Are you planning to enhance or change your business strategy?
We can help you build business models and test scenarios that will allow you to identify the most strategic approach to achieve your vision quickly and cost-effectively, with the highest possible value creation.
Are you developing new products or exploring new markets?
Talk to us first. Whether it's just an idea or a prototype, give us a call before you start, and definitely before you go to market. We'll share ideas and strategies to increase your chances of being successful. And unlike other consulting firms, we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If certain criteria are met we're happy to work for equity or value sharing.
Are you looking for ways to increase performance without taking huge risks?
We work intimately with CEOs and Executive Management to break through the clutter and identify opportunities quickly - on demand - and develop tactical initiatives that can be realistically executed using existing resources. We structure each solution so that so you have nothing to lose. We engage all projects on a retainer basis with set fees for hourly and/or project consultation with expenses, travel and disbursements billed separately as they occur. We believe in fairness and equal sharing of value with our clients. If you feel you have not received value from our interaction, we insist you don't pay - it's our guarantee.
Have you maximized the employment of existing capital (Human, Structural and Customer)?
One man's garbage is another man's gold. You've heard the saying before - we all have, but have we realized that we might actually be the ones missing the opportunities if we don't take a close look at the technologies we have put behind us or shelved indefinitely. Whether you feel that you are dealing with outdated technology, or you've reached plant capacity, or simply don't believe you have the resources to do more - we can help you see things from our point of view, you have nothing to lose. Here's a quick tip, the highest and best use for your human capital is innovation - nothing else can provide a greater contribution of value to what they or you do.
Is Your Corporate Vision Crystal Clear?
Many CEO's struggle to determine what their corporate vision is let alone what it should be. Take a simple test - the next employee or person on your team that you encounter ask them what their Vision of the organization is (or what it should be) and then compare notes. The exercise will only take a few moments of your time and yet you will be able to learn volumes from the responses you will receive. In fact, you can perform the exercise the next time you're on the elevator - it will only take that long to get the response you're looking for. In this simple test, if the two visions are misaligned, you must determine the range of difference between the two visions. Are the visions extreme opposites or variances of the same general vision? All leaders are the champions of their corporate vision and must mobilize corporate resources including management, marketing and HR to effectively communicate and reinforce the vision internally and externally. Doing so will amplify the Vision and allow you to realize it quickly. Distortion results when there is a lack of consistent communication about the vision, and there is no consensus throughout the organization on what the company should be doing or very little momentum or enthusiasm to progress.
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Keywords: Executive Management

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