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By: Digital Intouch  09-12-2011

Often times, companies and corporations may overlook the importance of having solid brand identity and brand definition. However, brand awareness is one of the main reasons people will pay up to three times more for a product at one store than they will at another.

A good website should have the potential to sell products and promote the brand awareness of your company; your website is one of the key places where your brand strategies should be communicated effectively.

At Digital Intouch Agency, we like to follow six strategies to build our client's brand definition.

Define the Vision:

Before moving forward with a website, logo, business cards, etc, Digital Intouch Agency creates a brand definition. We don’t just ask what kind of website our client wants; we ask the client who they are. We feel that a good brand statement typically includes a company's mission, vision and values.

Build a Brand Worth Believing in:

Our focus is to build our clients' brand strategies that represent their business through the next decade. We don’t want to create a brand definition that our clients will grow tired of after a year or two.

The Web Site is the Brand:

At Digital Intouch Agency, we feel that our client’s website must deliver on the promise that their brand makes to their customers. If, for example, a business claims to be innovative, the website be fresh and have a modern aesthetic.

A Cohesive Experience between all Mediums:

Once you understand who you are and have an identity to match, it is time to consistently apply your logo and your identity system across the board. Applying our expertise in graphics design, visual communications and marketing strategy, Digital Intouch Agency will assist you in creating your collateral systems, selling environments, packaging, literature systems, POS materials, trade show booths, annual reports, and every other piece of print communication that delivers your corporate message and brings your brand to life. Customers should be able to easily recognize the company's brand; whether it is print, online, or any other form of media.

Don't Sacrifice Delivery of Message:

While we feel that a website can be a significant tool for building brand awareness, clarity and functionality are top priority; we are careful not to allow the communication of our client’s brand get in the way of delivering their message.

We accomplish this by shaping our client’s message and managing their content development. At THAT Agency, our professional writers work with clients to develop the copy's tone and a consistent language that will permeate their communications.

Listen to Your Customers:

At Digital Intouch Agency, we understand that a brand’s true value is determined by the client’s customers. We pay close attention to customer feedback about the website; because ultimately, it is their opinion that counts. At the end of the day, it is our client’s customers that decided what a brand is truly worth.

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