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By: Bodies By Design  09-12-2011
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A personal trainer is someone who has the expertise and educational background to design a personalized exercise program. Our trainers are Fitness Specialists that help their clients set realistic goals as well as providing tailor made programs to maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. Above all, through our trainer’s guidance and motivation, health and fitness will become more enjoyable.

The body is the most complicated machine on the face of the earth, therefore why would you try to fix it yourself? Let the professionals at Bodies by Design help you get the best return on your investment.

The following are some of the great benefits that come with personal training in Woodbridge at Bodies by Design:

  • Superior motivation and commitment to fitness
  • Safe and injury free training
  • Body fat reduction
  • Muscle toning, shaping, and development
  • Nutritional guidance and counseling
  • Higher self – esteem and confidence
  • Increased energy levels and decreased stress levels
  • Rehabilitation of all injuries or disabilities

Do I need a personal trainer?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then you will benefit from our services .

  • I have trouble motivating myself to exercise.
  • I am unaware of which equipment and/or exercises are best suited for my needs and problem areas.
  • I am unsure as to what type of nutritional plan will help me achieve my goals
  • I am exercising and following a nutritional plan but I am unable to achieve the results I want.
  • I am exercising but not consistently.

A 1-on-one personalized training session allows for a Fitness Specialist to customize a program for you that will fit your needs and meet your objectives. It has been proven that because of the focus on you , your results will be very dramatic and will happen very quickly.

Bodies by Design can promise that you will get the most for the least. That means you get the most results for the least amount of time invested.

2-on-one personalized training allows for a Fitness Specialist to customize a program for you and perhaps your friend a family member, or a co-worker.

Our Fitness Specialist are experts at group training, so to add another person to your session can be done without sacrificing your goals and objectives.

Interactive training is a new concept that was invented by Kris Simpson of Bodies by Design. Interactive Training can be defined as a mini-group of less than five people training together, motivated and guided by a Fitness Specialist.

Each session provides all of the comfortable benefits of 1-on-one training but provides the combined energy levels of the entire mini-group.

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Keywords: exercise, Health and Fitness, Interactive Training, Personal Trainer, Personal Training

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Physio by Design is a New Age physiotherapy and personal fitness training program with a dedicated professional team of physiotherapists, kinesioligists, acupuncture practitioners, massage therapists and strength/conditioning specialists. Our Integrated Therapy & Training rehabilitation and fitness programs provide treatment plans for sports-injury, chronic-pain management and physical health maintenance.


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Rates : Bodies By Design

Average of 3 clients per session to a maximum of 5 clients. A program demonstration session with a personal trainer. Packages of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months are available. A fitness assessment with a fitness consultant. Schedule a Free Over-the-Phone Consultation. Weeks of Interactive Training Sessions.