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By: Bodies By Design  09-12-2011
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One of the best ways to your re-energize your muscles and recover from a workout is with a protein shake which is what Smoothies by Design specializes in. Research shows it’s best to feed your fatigued muscles with a high-quality protein within 30 minutes of a workout to help your muscles build and repair, which makes shakes a convenient way to re-energize. They’re also a refreshing and healthy meal replacement.

Members can choose from a variety of tasty drinks, which are flavoured with an array of delicious fruit. Since every calorie counts, Smoothies By Design displays the caloric value of each protein shake, offering low-calorie drinks for those trying to lose weight and higher-calorie shakes for those trying to gain serious muscle mass.

In addition to going peanut-free, you can also add number of supplements — including creatine, glutamine, flax oil seed and caffeine — to your shakes to match your specific fitness goals.

The juice bar offers several energy drinks, sports drinks and water, as well as meal replacement bars and other supplements. And Smoothies by Design offers complimentary coffee and free internet. So don’t forget to stop by after your workout!

Keywords: Design Fitness Studios, Fitness Studios,

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Bodies by Design Fitness Studios Woodbridge : Bodies By Design - studio membership

After you achieve your results you will be put on a maintenance program and train independently at Bodies by Design in Woodbridge. You still have the option to use a trainer in conjunction with training independently. Your fitness program will be closely monitored and revised on a regular basis. Bodies by Design Fitness Studios Woodbridge. Schedule a Free Over-the-Phone Consultation.


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Our trainers are Fitness Specialists that help their clients set realistic goals as well as providing tailor made programs to maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. A 1-on-one personalized training session allows for a Fitness Specialist to customize a program for you that will fit your needs and meet your objectives.


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Physio by Design is a New Age physiotherapy and personal fitness training program with a dedicated professional team of physiotherapists, kinesioligists, acupuncture practitioners, massage therapists and strength/conditioning specialists. Our Integrated Therapy & Training rehabilitation and fitness programs provide treatment plans for sports-injury, chronic-pain management and physical health maintenance.


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Nutrient Coaching by Design is a simple system of calculating your calories on a daily basis and ensuring that you keep within your caloric budget. We will give you your budget which represents the total calories or that you have to consume or spend that day. We believe that monitoring your calories is no different than balancing your bank account.


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Average of 3 clients per session to a maximum of 5 clients. A program demonstration session with a personal trainer. Packages of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months are available. A fitness assessment with a fitness consultant. Schedule a Free Over-the-Phone Consultation. Weeks of Interactive Training Sessions.