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By: Unique Therapies  09-12-2011
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30 min Massage                                            $35
60 min Massage                                            $50

90 min Massage                                            $80

60 min River Rock                                          $80

30 min  Indian Head Massage                      $35

30 min Chair Massage                                  $25

60 min Reflexology                                       $40

Acupuncture :

Acupuncture Treatment                              $35
Acupuncture* Tuina Massag 20 min)            $55

Acupuncture*Ionic Detox Foot Bath*        $60

Cosmetic Acupuncture Mini                      $100

Cosmetic Acupuncture Maxi                     $150

*Combine a Massage with one of these Treatments

 and get $5 off.*


Ionic Detox Foot Bath



Fruit Mask                                                      $45

Herbal Mask                                                    $45

Chocolate Mask                                            $45

Paraffin Mask                                                $40
Rose Clay Mask                                              $45
Rose Mask                                                     $45

Honey Mask                                                   $55

Collagen Crystal Mask                                 $60

Whitening Mud   Mask                                   $50

Deep Cleansing  Mask                                   $50
Mineral Clay  Mask                                        $50
Firming  Mask                                                $50
Acne Treatment Mask                                   $60
Blackhead Treatment  Mask                        $60

Facial & Paraffin Mask                                  $55

Body Wrap

Fruit Wrap                                                       $60

Herb al Wrap                                                    $60

Rose Clay Wrap                                             $60

Rose Honey Wrap                                         $60 

Chocolate Wrap                                             $60

Honey Wrap                                                   $60

Deep Cleansing Wrap                                   $70

Balancing Wrap                                             $60

Thalassotherapy Wrap                                 $70

Mineral Clay Wrap                                         $60
Firming Wrap                                                 $60

Paraffin Full Body Wrap                               $80

Body Wrap & Paraffin                                   $70

Cellulite Treatment                                      $60

Salt Glo                                                          $30

Sugar Glow                                                    $30

Special Packages Include:

Indian Head Massage (30min)* and Body Massage (30min)
(0ne Hours) $60

Indian Head Massage (30min)*Facial
One and a half hours ) $75

Indian Head Massage (30min)*Facial and Body Massage(30min)
(Two Hours)$95

  Body Wrap*Salt Glow*Hot Oil Hare Treatment

Melt-Away Cellulite:

Cellulite Treatment*Dry Skin Brushing*Salt glow*  Thalassotherapy(Body Wrap)*Aromatherapy*
(Two Hours)$150

Head to Toe Care:

Salt glow*Body Wrap*Facial* Aromatherapy*  
(Two Hours) $122

Complete Body Care:

  Scalp and Hair Treatment*Salt Glow*Body Wrap*

Facial*Hot Stone Massage* Aromatherapy*

(Four Hours)$190

Body Balancing:

Full Body Massage*Salt Glo*Body Wrap*


(Two and a half hours) $122

Acu Massage:

Acupuncture*Full Body Massage*
(Two Hours)$75

Ionic Detox Foot Bath*30.min Massage*

(0ne Hours) $65

Forty Plus Care:

Toning&Firming Treatment* Full Body Massage*

Salt Glow*Body Wrap*Facial *Aromatherapy* 

(Three Hours)$162

Special Someone:

Hot Stone Massage* Salt Glo *Body Wrap*Facial* Reflexology* Aromatherapy* Lunch
(Six Hours)$240

Dream Time:

Facial*Full Body Massage
(Two Hours)$85

Modern Man:

Hot Stone Massage*Salt Glo* Body Wrap*

(Two Hours) $135

Full Face Laser & Facial-with Collagen Mask


Full Face Laser& Acupuncture Face Lift Mini


Full Face Laser with Acupuncture Face Lift Mini

and Collagen Mask Facial


Full Face Laser with Acupuncture Face Lift Maxi

including decolletage


Full Face Laser with Acupuncture Face Lift Maxi including decolletage and Collagen Mask Facial


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Keywords: Acupuncture, Massage

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