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By: Total Scrap Management  09-12-2011
Keywords: Recycling, Stainless Steel, Copper

Residential customers can deliver their recyclables to TSM where they will experience no line ups, and they are guaranteed to receive friendly and courteous service. Remuneration is based on the classification of materials and calculated by weight. Cash is paid on the spot. There are no specific packaging requirements, however cardboard boxes should be broken down.

TSM welcomes recyclables such as aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, automobiles, brass, catalytic converters, radiators, lead, cast iron, and carbide. They purchase ferrous (containing iron) and non-ferrous materials. TSM is excited to announce that they are in the process of adding plastics to the list of materials which they will purchase, thereby expanding their range of services as well as aiding their quest to make recycling a convenient and profitable option.

Within the minimum weight requirements, waste bins are provided free of charge to industrial clients. Outdated machinery is also picked up free of charge. TSM has its own fleet of trucks, and an experienced staff to handle the planning and control of the flow of recyclable goods. The materials are transported to recycling foundries which are scattered across North America.

TSM is constantly striving to find new ways to make recycling more accessible and cost effective for both the public and private sectors. Consequently, more space and additional buildings are on the drawing board for the future.

Clean Extruded
Dirty Extruded
Old Sheet
Old Cast
Irony Cast
Clean AL Wheels
Dirty AL Wheels
AL Solids
AL Turnings
Mixed AL
Pop Cans
Pop Can Tabs
Road Signs
AL Foil
E.C. Wire
Ins. AL Wire
Stl. Al Wire
Die Cast
Wheel Wgt.
Stainless Steel
D. Lawn Chairs
#1 Insulated
#2 Insulated
BX Wire
Comm. Wire
Machine WireBrass
Red & Yellow Mix
EDM Wire
Heater CoreTools
Carbide Inserts
Carbide Tools
High Speed Steel
Auto Bodies
Sheet Iron
Cast IronRadiators
Auto Rads.
Dirty Auto Rads.
Copper/AL Rads.
Dirty Copper/AL Rads.
Aluminum Rads.
Dirty Aluminum Rads.Misc.
Catalytic Converters

Batteries, Glass, Mirrors, Newspaper, Plastic, Propane Tanks
**until further notice**

In order to bring in fridges, freezers, or air conditioners, the compressors must be removed or the unit must be tagged by a licenced mechanic.

A good way to check if your material is steel is to stick a magnet to it. If it is magnetic it is classified as steel and you will be given the steel price.

All magnetic stainless steel will be given the steel price.
Non-magnetic stainless will be given the stainless steel price.

If your material is rusting it will be classified as steel or will be downgraded to "dirty" material.

Keywords: Cast Iron, Catalytic Converters, Copper, Recycling, Stainless Steel

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