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By: The Prestressed Group  09-12-2011

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Design Build For Maximum Value

The choice to design build is innovative, economical, and efficient.  The Prestressed Group brings together experts from specific fields for an evaluation of the most desirable alternatives and options for each project.  We eliminate the guesswork from the initial planning and design stages through the engineering and construction process.  From the outset our goal is to maximize cost savings and expedite turnaround to ensure our customers receive full value for their investment.

The Manufacturing Process

Our products are precast and prestressed by pouring concrete into a form reinforced with pretensioned, high tensile steel strands.  Once the concrete has cured, the prestressing force is released, creating a compressive zone in the normally tensile area to help reduce, and, in some cases, eliminate cracking.  The elimination of these cracks decreases the permeability of corrosive chlorides to the reinforcing steel.

The combination of compressive strengths of concrete with the tensile strength of steel allows the production of structural components that are stronger, leaner, and lighter, going well beyond the spanning capabilities of cast-in-place concrete.  The compressive strength of our structural components consistently reach 35 MPa (approximately 5,000 psi) at twenty-eight days.  Strengths of this degree are achieved by controlling the quality of our raw material, the mix design of each concrete batch, and each stage of fabrication.  The direct result of the high strength of our components is that the architect or structural engineer can preserve valuable open space, while not being restricted in the distribution of the design load.

The Installation Process

Products are fabricated offsite, independent of the construction activity and without limitations created by inclement weather or site congestion.  Products are transported by truck and trailer to the job site, where the erection crew completes placement and installation of each precast section as detailed on the engineering drawings. Construction continues during erection as other trades use installed units as safe working platforms, assuring rapid project completion and cost-efficient construction for the owner.

Quality Control

Delivering a high quality product is a priority of The Prestressed Group to ensure maximum performance, durability, and customer satisfaction.  Our quality assurance system ensures those goals are attained.  Our quality control department continually evaluates the quality with a team of certified technicians and inspectors who conduct daily raw material analyses, production inspections, and concrete testing.

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