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By: Rgbsi  09-12-2011



Pro-Track is a web enabled, easy to learn, cost effective project management tool offered by RGBSI that allows managers to track various aspects of a project.

Protrack is designed to assist Project Managers track tasks, expenses, personnel details and timesheets.

Designed for distributed teams, Protrack is a web enabled application that can be accessed by team members located in various parts of the world. Protrack has over 25 in-built reports which can be accessed by Project Managers.


Listed below are some of the important features offered in Protrack:

Setup a Project in a matter of minutes

Setting up a project is very simple. Enter the client details and the project name and the new project is ready to go.

The Project Manager can now setup and Track

  • Project Details - Managers can enter the client name, estimated revenue, time and cost, purchasing order number and any post processing details such as invoice numbers and invoicing dates.
  • Team Members - Track role, reporting hierarchy, bill rate and various other aspects of project personnel. Add application access for team members
  • Timesheets - Project members can enter timesheets for each day.
  • Expenses - Project Managers(PM) can track expenses. PMs can enter expense details and also track any expenses incurred by project team members.
  • Feature Level Security - Security can be customized for each user based on their role on the project. Features can be turned on and off based on the role of the project team member

Enter and track time for each task item

Project Managers can track the timesheets of each team member. The diagram below shows a snapshot of the timesheet view entered by the user.

Track Project Related Expenses

Project Managers can track all expenses related to the project in a single place. This data can then be exported into structured data which can then be imported into any financial tools. The diagram below shows a screen shot of the expense entry screen.

Online Customer Feedback Survey

Project Managers can create and send customized feedback surveys to customer contacts. Customers can fill out these surveys online using their own user name and password.

Dashboard to view real-time data

Users can access various charts to get a real time update on critical aspects of Projects. The screen shot below shows a chart that describes the various types of "jobs" done by a company.

Over 25 standardized reports

Project Managers and other stake holders can view various reports on various aspects of projects. Some of the most important reports are provided in the list below.

  • Time Allocation Report By Project And Client
  • Expense Category Analysis
  • Project Profitibilit Summary
  • Quality Survey Feedback
  • Project Classification Report

The screen shot below shows a sample Time Allocation Report by Project and Client

The screen shot below shows a sample Expense Category Analysis Report