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By: Refine Fitness  09-12-2011
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Personal Training and Nutrition Counselling

Our primary focus at Refine Fitness Studio is Personal Training and Group Training. If you are simply looking for ‘another gym’ to workout at on your own gym we may not be the place for you. If you value the help and guidance of professionals and are willing and dedicated to make some changes to your lifestyle, then we are definitely the place for you.

Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

People that work with a Trainer see quicker and more significant results than those that try to exercise on their own.

People that work with a Trainer schedule their appointments ahead of time and commit to working out regularly. This level of accountability improves the likelihood that people will see the results they want.

People that work with a Trainer have constant variety in their program so that they are not bored with the same old program day-in-and-day-out.

People that work with a Trainer are constantly being educated and learning new things that empower them to improve their health and fitness levels.

People that work with a Trainer get constant coaching to ensure they are doing exactly what they need to in order to accomplish their goals. Often people know what they need to do but won’t take initiative; they require someone else keeping them accountable on a regular basis.

Common Misconceptions About Personal Training

1. It’s too expensive, I could never afford it.

Personal Training rates range from $149-$549 per month. We feel that there is no better investment in life than an investment in your health; none of your material possessions are significant without it. Yes, we are a little biased, but we know from experience that many people need to re-prioritize where they are spending their money.

2. I need to get in shape before I work with a Trainer.

A good trainer will help you work through the initial challenges of an exercise program and get you achieve the best start possible. There is no experience required to start a fitness regime; a Trainer’s goal is to teach and support you.

3. A Trainer is going to push me too hard or hurt me.

A good Trainer knows that (s)he cannot treat all the clients the same and must be able to adapt their approach to each individual client’s needs. Each workout should progress slowly in intensity; the Trainer will use feedback from the client to determine how to proceed during the program. When a client says that they feel pain, the Trainer should modify the exercises or change them entirely. Pain is not something that people need to experience in order to be healthy.

4. I don’t want to let my Trainer down.

Trainers understand that everyone is starting at different fitness levels. While it is true that Trainers are motivated for their clients to see results, a good Trainer realizes that all of their clients are going to progress at different rates

5. A Trainer is not going to understand or be able to relate to me.

The best Trainers have worked with clients from all walks of life and, in order for them to be successful at what they do, relating to clients is a must. However unique you think your situation is, more than likely we have dealt with similar circumstances before.

Team Training

  • We have a unique and highly effective approach to training our clients; at the core of our training programs is something we call ‘Team Training’.
  • The majority of our clients work with two, sometimes 3, personal trainers. A few of the benefits of our approach are the following:
  • Clients are constantly challenged with new programs and personalities ensuring their sessions never get boring.
  • Clients have the convenience of scheduling sessions with multiple trainers based on the client’s schedule, not the Trainer’s. This gives the client a higher level of flexibility and ease.
  • At most gyms, clients are on an island with their Trainer; there is no one else looking out for them. With our system, clients are always being monitored by at least 3 different people – their Trainer, our Head Trainers and the Owner, Mike Bates. With this unique approach, clients can be confident that they are following the most effective program.
  • At most gyms, clients become ‘married’ to a Trainer and can’t fathom that another Trainer could possibly be as good as ‘their’ Trainer. The problem with that is ‘their’ Trainer may not actually be the best fit for them. The other problem is that if ‘their’ Trainer leaves the gym, the client is left on their own. Our approach guarantees that clients will never be left stranded.
  • Clients that are accustomed to traditional approaches to personal training (always working with the same trainer) initially find it hard to believe that our approach works. However, after the first couple weeks of training, any doubts are erased. We pride ourselves on the fact that no other gym follows the same approach as we do. Take a look at our Success Stories and see for yourself just how effective our approach is.

Nutritional Counselling

The nutrition plan is equally as important as the exercise program when it comes to clients seeing results. In our opinion, no one in the area has their clients following a more comprehensive or professionally built nutrition plan than ours.

However, as Personal Trainers, Kinesiologists and Exercise Physiologists, we have a limited ability to prescribe specific diets to our clients due to the fact that we are not registered to do so. Despite the fact that many of our Trainers have taken advanced university level nutrition courses and have professional certifications, we are still not able to help our clients to the same extent that other Registered Health Care Professionals are.

For this reason, we have worked closely with Dieticians and Naturopathic Doctors to ensure we offer our clients the most comprehensive nutrition plans available. We have spent dozens of hours developing and fine tuning our nutrition programs. Our clients are not a ‘quick fix’, nor is there anything trendy about what we do; we ensure that our clients see results on a program that they can easily follow for the rest of their lives.

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