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By: Perfectibe  09-12-2011
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We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and so we understand the need of every consolidator and agent in this industry. That is one of the main reasons for us to be the pioneers in coming out with such a technology, when all the other existing & traditional technologies are dying out. We understand the pulse of the market and have products for every category of customers as per their need and budget.

PIBE – B2C (Business to Customer)

This booking engine directly is for the retail customer, where they can come to the website and fulfill all their travel needs directly and usually pay by the credit card or other available modes of payment, collect their ticket confirmation copy and enjoy their travel. This is the most popular module amongst the travel agents, as the deal directly with the end/retail customers. This is just like becoming an online travel portal. Also soon we are launching the multiple consolidator concepts making it more robust, as the agents could have feed from different consolidators and get the best deals.

The standard features which we provide are:

• Round Trip, Open Jaw, Multi City.

• Combination of Net and Published Fares.

• 80 miles radius search.

• +/- 1 day search.

• Search by preferred airlines.

• Search only direct flights.

• 200 results in less than 12 seconds.

• Only Available Fares.

• Fully Customizable.

• Simple integration.

• Control Panel access to manage your bookings, mark up's (as per airlines, class, pax etc).

• Monitoring of hits and black list of users through control panel.

• All tickets would fall into your Q and you can issue them.

• Run complete and periodic reports in both table and graphical format.

• And many more features.

We have different models of B2C depending upon the spending power and the need of the customers. They can go for a standard product which is readily available or for a fully customised product, which might take a little time depending upon the level of customisation.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PIBE – B2B (Business to Business)

This is the same booking enigne and all the above features. The major difference here is that this is a password protected booking engine, which is usually preferred by big consolidators/agents, who have sub agents. Here the added advantage/highlighting features are:

• Create sub agents with their own unique username and password.

• Assign credit limits as per the deposits or level of trust.

• Create separate groups as per the volume of tickets/nature of sub agents.

• Sub agents can do their own mark up on every ticket/booking.

• Once they login, they can see their history of bookings and book new tickets.

• Every time a user registers you will need to approve the agent, only then he can login and use the services.

• PIBE brings for the first time “GRANULAR MARK UP” where for every group you can do a seperate mark up on particular airlines, on a particular origin/destination on a particular cabin and on a particular class of service. This makes PIBEB2B so unique as this is the highest level of mark up available in the market as of today.

• You can manage users, mark ups, bookings, message interaction with sub agents all through the control panel.

• You can give access of the control panel to other, by restricting the level of access.

• All the features of B2C are existing as a standard product.

These are the standard feature of our B2B, which is readily available and other customisation can be done as per the needs & requirements of the customers.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PIBE – B2B (Business to Business)

This is a upcoming concept, where every sub agent of a consolidator would prefer to have a B2C booking engine on their website. They can claim to be a OTA, but will have the feed of fares only form a particular consolidator. This is a very good product for a medium sized agent, who wishes to work with a particular consolidator.

Here the features of the IBE are same as a standard B2C booking engine, except the feed would be restricted to a particular consolidator.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PIBE – B2B (Business to Business)

This is similar to B2B booking engine, but exclusively for corporates. This is again a password protected site, with almost all the features of the B2B module.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PIBE – Affiliates

This is a restricted version of B2C booking engine, Here the booking engine can be placed on any website which might or might not be related to travel. When someone goes to the engine and does a search, then the search is forwarded to the parent company’s website and the customer goes away from the website where he started the search. Simple eg. www.abccorporation.com which is a non travel related company, but is interested in having a online booking concept of their website has taken a affiliate booking enigne from www.xyztravels.com . Now when someone goes to the formers website and does a search of the booking engine, as soon as they click on search, they would go away form www.abccoorporation.com ‘s website and end up in getting the results in www.xyztravels.com and finishing the transaction on XYZ Travels website only. Here the former would get a commission or some cut to redirect the traffic/business.

Here the features would be same as B2C, but would have very restricted access to control panel. Here they cannot do any mark up of the fares etc.

These are the differnet modules of booking engine’s readily available. They are all ready as a standard product and can be customised to the any look and feel, depending on the needs and requirements of the customers.

All the booking engine’s would be having their respective control panel where agents can manage their profile, customise the look and feel, manage their mark up’s and bookings, users, web logs, frauds, run reports etc.

Currently we can provide booking engines originating North America, India and Syria. Soon we are going to power booking engine’s originating UK, Australia, Middle East and Far East.

Keywords: Sub Agents

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The perfect model for this category if the B2C booking engine, where there would be feed form multiple consolidators and any retail customer can go to the portal and book tickets or fulfill all their travel requirements online. TRAVEL AGENTS They are usually the last level or the face in front of the customers in the distribution channel of the travel trade.