By: On Time Watch  09-12-2011
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We offer our customers a full range of watch repair services. We service all types of watches from Quartz to Fine Mechanical Timepieces, vintage and new.

When we service your watch, you can be guaranteed that your watch is completely taken apart, properly cleaned using the latest L&R cleaning machines and solutions. Your watch is then reassembled and properly oiled and regulated. As an additional service we clean and refinish the watch case and band. Your watch is then re-cased and returned to you in like new condition.

-We Use Genuine Factory Watch Material (When Possible)

-Complete Overhauls of all Vintage Pocket and Wrist Watches

-We Service All Modern Mechanical Watches.

-Expert Repairs to Quartz Watches and movement replacements.

-We Service Bulova Accutrons.

-We have an extensive inventory of watch accessories: Crystals, batteries, straps etcÂ…

-Complete Jewelry Repair Service, Stone Setting, Sizing & Soldering

In most cases, a watch can be put back in good running order with only a cleaning and lubrication. Our complete clean, oil, and adjustment service always includes the following:

-Complete disassembly of all components of the watch.

-Inspection of all parts for wear, damage or any other problems.

-Cleaning in 4-stage L&R ultrasonic watch cleaning machine.

-Special cleaning of balance wheel and hairspring.

-Reassembly and lubrication of the watch using the finest horological lubricants.

-Regulation of the watch for best-possible timekeeping using the latest in watch timing equipment.

-Cleaning and polishing of the case.

We have all of the specialized tools and equipment to service your Rolex watch. Rolex watches require special tools such as case openers, Micro-Stella wrenches to adjust your Rolex watches timekeeping ability, and special crystal and bezel presses.

There is no cost to you for our estimates. Our estimates are free and without any obligation to you.

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