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By: Magnets4health  09-12-2011
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At the suggestion of my Chiropractor's mother I recently purchased a magnetic necklace at one of your Craft Shows. I am very pleased to let you know that after wearing the necklace for only one day I have noticed a huge improvement in the mobility of my neck.   I've been unable to turn my head for a good many years and am now able to look over your shoulder. 

For years I have had arthritis in my left shoulder, both my knees and recently my back - also, my husband has very sore ankles  after a waterskiing accident when he was a young man.
Getting around for me lately was a struggle so when I found your website I decided to give magnets a try so I ordered 2 triple bracelets - 1 for me and 1 for my husband.
When the triple bracelets arrived I put mine on my left arm and within a couple of minutes I could feel my fingers tingling.  I have been wearing the bracelet for 1 week now and my left shoulder has improved and both my knees.  Getting around is a little easier now, hopefully, my knees will get even better with wearing the bracelet longer. My husbands ankles seem to have improved with the use of his triple bracelet - they don't ache as much. I would never have believed that magnets could help with arthritis but now I am a firm believer.Bev. King - Peterborough, Ontario.

My name is Darlene St.Pierre and I had purchased a magnetic necklace from you about six months ago. I wear it faithfully everyday.
I am an Educational Assistant with Special Need Students for the Greater Essex County District School Board. I work with a student that is Autistic and has Pica. A couple of months ago this student took my magnetic necklace off my neck to hold in his hand. Since that day he has not let it go, he rubs and rolls this necklace using his two hands almost every minute of the day.
I finally realized why he likes it so much; because it calms him down. I also notice that with his Pica he does not pick up things to eat as much as he used to.
On the last day of school it finally broke with him rubbing it together so much. He got very upset that I had to take it away from him and started doing his usual things such as jumping, hollering and picking up things to eat.
Knowing that autistic children do have so many sensory issues, that having this magnetic necklace has helped him in some way of comforting and calming him down so easily. Thanks so much for making my job less stressful and helping my special student relax more and enjoy other things during his day at school.
I wanted to send this letter to you , so you can help others find comfort knowing that there are other strategies to help out these special children.
Submitted by Darlene St.Pierre- Windsor, Ontario

Good morning,

I have had amazing results using the 'magnets 4 health'.

 A couple of months ago (April) I was encountering a couple of issues not being well enough to go to work.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1992 and have had bouts of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the years and usually end up spending a couple of days or weeks not able to get out of bed.  A close friend told me about 'Magnets 4 Health' .  I went on the web site, ordered a necklace, bracelet and anklet.

After just wearing the magnets for one day I was walking and went back to work with renewed energy!  No drug has ever done this for me.  Just amazing!

As a walking testimony I was wondering if there are any business opportunities in this company?

Please let me know.    


Grace Friesen

Hi Joanne!
It was my good fortune to stumble across your booth at the Festival this past Friday evening.  I had never heard of magnetic jewelry and I'm not going to tell you that I was a believer in its benefits but I took a chance and went ahead and bought a triple bracelet for both my husband and myself anyway.  I'm so glad now that I did.
Last August I slipped on a wet ceramic tile floor and landed flat on my back with the right side from hip to shoulder taking the brunt of the fall.  It took a while for the impact of that fall set in but within a couple of months I was eventually unable to sleep in my bed due back pain as well as the severe pain in my hip.  I tried the pills for back pain and all the other over-the-counter pain medication but none of them worked.  I tried investing in a new mattress but that didn't help either.  The sofa offered the most relief but my sleep was broken several times during the night.  After several months of sleeping on the couch I recently forced myself back to sleeping in my bed but the pain, especially in my hip, forced me to roll from one side to the other every few minutes.  As far as day time it was painful trying to get myself into a standing position after sitting down, and I would have to try to stretch my back upward before I could even think of walking.  When I did walk I would be hunched over for a bit before I could work myself into a complete upright position.  I just turned 50 this year and I've wondered over and over if this was what I was facing for the rest of my life.
I put my bracelet on Friday night and there's no looking back!  After only 2 days I am already 80% better than what I was.  I slept so much better Friday and Saturday nights, and I can actually get up from the couch and I don't have to stop to stretch out my back.  Luckily I was able to catch you yesterday which was the last day of the Festival so that I could purchase more bracelets that I will be sending to my family.
Last night, which was night 3 with my bracelet, I don't remember being woken by any pain or discomfort at all!
Your product is amazing.  YOU are amazing.
Thank you so much for restoring my quality of life.
August 2011

I had another wonderful night's sleep last night with no hip pain
whatsoever.  After a year of constant broken, restless sleep I can't
tell you how good it feels to actually wake up feeling refreshed.

Thank you again, for everything.



Keywords: Magnets

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