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Well Marilyn Monroe made that phrase famous, isn’t it? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It still makes sense. Here’s why.

1. Diamonds come in different shapes, colors and price.
2. Diamonds are ever romantic. It can light up her finger. White diamonds can be worn with any dress.

3. Diamonds are ever lasting. It’s better than a rose or a dew drop because they fade away.
4. Diamonds are symbol of romanticism. When a boy holds a diamond and proposes to his better half, it shows love. The diamond may worth two months of his salary but it fills a girl with satisfaction.
5.Diamonds reveal that her man can handle her very well. That he will always fulfill her every need. That she is the safest person in this planet.
6. Diamonds are very much practical. A diamond, in times of emergency, can be of great use. Diamonds fetch enough money to fulfill immediate needs.



They say that pearl is the gem of queens. This exquisite piece of jewellery can be worn in many ways. They can bring a lot of shed to your character. From the casual to the dressy formal, or gracefully feminine to the party rocker, they are a must have for any women’s wardrobe. Earlier it used to be very costly and was reserved for the reach. But now with the advent of color pearls it is affordable to every section of the society.

Some tips on wearing pearls:

a. Mix and match different pearl colors.
b. Tie the pearl strand in a knot for a classy look.
c. For a different look you can wear your pearls around the neck and attach it at the wrist.
d. You can wear long pearls at your waist to invite attention.
e. For an electric look you can use two contrasting pearls.
f. Wear pearls according to your body complexion.



Are you going to get tie the knots soon? If yes then your first preference should be jewellery shopping. Do not put them aside for the last minute. They can be very tricky and confusing at times. Here are a few guidelines which will see you through the process.

1. Wedding ring is of prime importance. It should be the starter. According to your budget you can go for gold, diamond or platinum. But diamond is the perfect of perfect.
2. You should select your necklace according to your wedding grown, neck and hair style. Do check out different varieties before selecting them.
3. Headpiece should be nice and sophisticated. They are the eye catcher. So, be selective while choosing them.
4. Your necklace, headpiece and hairstyle should dictate the ear ring you choose.
5. When you are done with your jewellery shopping, do wear all of them with your bridal ensemble to check whether everything suits you.



Did you know that there exist over one hundred types of gems? Yes you heard it right. No wonder it is immensely popular in the field of jewellery. Broadly they are classified into two categories-precious and semi-precious.

We use precious stones like diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire in making our jewellery. They are less expensive than topaz and zircon. Gems can be used in every jewellery be it in rings or necklace. The fact that it gives a vivid range of choice makes them greatly popular. These gems give a classy & elegant feel to the jewellery.

Don’t worry about cost. There are many pocket friendly gems in the market as well. If the above mentioned gems seem a bit too costly for you then you can go for gems like amethyst, garnet, opal, aquamarine, jade, turquoise, onyx, and malachite. These stones come in different form and shape. Certain gems may not suit you, so be careful in choosing them.



Ancient Egyptian people were fond of jewelry and used to adorn them with it very much. For them jewelry was not only meant for the purpose of decoration, rather they believed that some jewelry when molded into a particular form protected them from evil power. Anklets, necklaces, bracelets, collars, rings are some of the commonly used jewelry by ancient Egyptian. Egyptians used to decorate their jewelry with precious and semi precious stones of different colors. The variations in the color resembled their faith in magic and good luck.

Lapis lazuli, Carnelian, turquoise, feldspar is some of the stones used by Egyptians in their jewelry. Rich and poor people in ancient Egypt considered Egyptian Scarab Beetle as a symbol of good luck. On the base of the scarab, name of the person wearing it was inscribed to make sure that the wearer gets protective powers. Family of rich Egyptians used to wear massive jewelry known as Pectorals on their chest.



Every next girl loves to wear gold earrings. Many of them don’t even know how to maintain them? It is very essential to know different ways to maintain these golden earrings. These are best suited for all the occasions. It would be great if you can maintain them for life long. It simply requires a bit of alertness.

Maintenance of golden earrings depends on the type of gold and design. It is suggested that before sleep you should remove your earrings, as the dirt and oil of your face may ruin its actual beauty. If you are not using your earrings then it is good to preserve them in some safe place. Always avoid storing golden earrings with other hard gemstones.

There are some specific cleaners available in market that are wells suited for golden earrings. Other cleaners possess some harmful chemicals that may destroy the intrinsic property of these golden earrings.



It has been observed from a long time that Pandora bracelets are the first choice of every lady. What is the main reason behind this popularity of Pandora? Main reason for this popularity is its beauty and elegance. There are many designs available in Pandora bracelets.

You need not to worry about its cost as it is very reasonable that makes it more demanding in the market. If you don’t want to roam around market then you can switch on your computer and can easily surf net where many websites use to sell Pandora bracelets at reasonable price.

It is very difficult to search Pandora jewelry in market. Very few shops sell this product in market. If you actually want to get the most beautiful product of Pandora diamond then you have to spend huge amount. Once you wear Pandora bracelet you will feel glamorous and royal from your soul.



It is a common human tendency to show his own standard and class to other people. If you are really interested in such activity and want to invest your money in some useful product then diamonds are the best option. Diamond is the main source of style and elegance.

Main property of diamond, which makes it more attractive, is its simplicity. It is neither too much decorative nor it is invaluable. It is a perfect combination of simplicity and style. Stats of jewelry shops say that it is the most popular item among woman. Usually, woman target towards diamond earrings to add starts to its personality.

There are startling designs available in diamond jewelry. It is the most precious stone of the world. It is very rarely found in mines and that makes it the costliest element of the earth. Diamonds are not specifically made for woman. Men can also enjoy its spark.



Diamonds is the most beautiful jewelry in this world. Once you put a diamond in your regular jewelry set you will realize that it has enhanced its beauty at the peak. There are some common myths related to the diamond. These myths usually confuse the buyers of diamond.

Usually people use to store diamond in lockers for investment. But actually it is a part of presentation. Unlike gold it is not essential to store the diamond in banks. It is best you should wear them in parties and found yourself as the centre of attraction.

Usually people think the color of diamond makes it bright which is absolutely wrong; actually its cutting makes it bright. Many people think that diamonds of 1st grade have better color which is not true t all. Actually the color of diamond is measured by some diamond professionals. Diamonds are actually classified in many levels that make it different from other jewelry products.



If we keenly observe the market we’ll notice that diamond is rising day by day and it is getting out of reach for a common man. Thus, it is essential to find its cheap alternative. Cubic zirconia is the perfect option in this field. This a kind of jewelry that mainly comprised of a gemstone made up of cubic zirconia.

It is highly used in the jewelry as an alternative of diamond. It is easy to purchase and looks as beautiful as a diamond. If you want to gift something to your spouse then it is the perfect item. It is not very expensive and looks glamorous at the same time.

Generally, it is used in silver bracelets and necklaces so that it may not create any sort of complication for the seller and the customer. Many websites offer a good discount on cubic zirconia jewelry along with beautiful designs in jewelry items.

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