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By: Garden City Custom Brokers  09-12-2011

Monday, December 05, 2011 4:04:47 AM


  • Non-resident importer requirements.
  • Customs Post-Audit & Pre-Audit
  • Tariff Classification prior to Import & requirements related to commodities
  • Canada Customs Invoices
  • Customs Brokerage Fees
  • Customs Seizures
  • Preparation of Duty Drawbacks
  • Preparation of Duty Refunds
  • Preparation of Export Documentation
  • RMD, LVS and P.A.R.S. Release Service
  • Preparation of Import Permits
  • Processing Tariff or Valuation Rulings
  • Preparation of Remission Applications
  • Preparation of Free Trade Agreement Certificates (Exporters Certificate of Origin)
  • Project Services (co-ordination between Importers, Exporters, Carriers & Canada Customs)
  • Full, Professional Consulting Services


  • Services to all major ports in the world
  • Freight Post Audit and Pre Audit
  • Import or Export via Ocean, Air, Rail, Highway
  • Arranging Delivery and pickup of goods anywhere, anytime.


  • Small package Service, Import and Export handled through our Warehouse Facilities.
  • Call-tag service and returns (some restrictions may apply)
  • Address checking, electronically verify all address to ensure proper delivery within Canada
  • Electronic weighing, weighing all packages with a sophisticated electronic scales to ensure accurate weight and rates.
  • Carrier rating, all charges are determined before the shipment leaves the warehouse, taking advantage of the volume discounts, multipack rating, consolidation and drop shipping opportunities.
  • Rate comparison, with all courier rates programmed into our system shopping around for the most competitive rate is second nature.
  • Parcel tracking, all parcel shipped via G C Distribution are tracked from one locations serving all modes of transport, One call, one number.

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