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By: Eco Gro Lawn Care  09-12-2011
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The Proper Approach to a Lush Healthy Eco-Freindly Lawn.

New for 2011 !!!! We've added more Weed Control for the best possible sollution to Ontario's Pesticide Ban.

We offer our customers the ability to select one of several programs suited and customized for your budget. All seasonal programs are designed and developed to create a healthy lawn and safe environment by focusing on proper nutrients, proper care and promoting plant health. We  incorporate the most current Weed Control products and techniques available to guarantee you visibly fewer weeds! (NEW FIESTA  Weed Control).  Be rest assured that all herbicde applications are performed in compliance with Integrated Pest Management standards in mind.  When our customers work together with us, follow our technicians helpful advice and,incorporate proper mowing and watering regimes visible results will be Guaranteed!

Our Tradtional Fertilizer

We choose to use only professional premium fertilizer products in granular form that incorporate innovative design with agronomics to produce a proprietary coating process (PCSCU).  This delivers the highest nitrogen level with the lowest sulphur content available today. This technology delivers more reliable, more predictable slow release of nutrients so your lawn receives a 6 week period of steady feeding.

Premium Organic Based Fertilizers Our Organic based fertilizer products have all the same technologies as the traditional fertilizers with the added benefits of organic matter. This improves soil structure, increases microbial activity and water holding abilities and will improve the overall vigour of your lawn.

How Do Organic Fertilizers Work?

Have you ever noticed that good quality soils have a “nice earthy smell”? That smell is actually the by-products of billions of soil creatures breaking down organic matter into nutrients that can be taken up by plants. Organic fertilizers are not just food for your plants but food for the living organisms that produce quality soils.

Lawn Care Programs

Eco-Organic Platinum Program ( Best Suited for Crabgrass control) 

  • 4 Seasonally timed slow release applications of organic based fertilizer( 1 being CGM Fertilizer) 
  • 1 Core Aeration (Spring or Fall)
  • 1 Crabgrass inhibitor pre emergent Corn Gluten Meal applied in the spring (included as one of the 4 fertilizer applications) 
  • Weed Control applications of Fiesta applied as spot treatment as needed to control weeds.*  (Applications applied 2 Spring time,1 late summer)

  •  Free  Service Calls and Summer Evaluation
  •  Free PH soil testing upon request or when problems exist
  •  Mechanical weed removal of broad leaf weeds within your lawn as required, 5 minutes of time allotted per visit.

6 VISIT PROGRAM (up to 8 applications)    Starting at $ 278.95 ** per season plus taxes

Eco-Organic Plus Program

  • 4 Seasonally timed slow release applications of organic based fertilizerapplications
  • 1 Core Aeration (Spring or Fall)
  • 3 Weed Control applications of Fiestaapplied as spot treatment as needed to control weeds* (Applications applied 2 in Spring and 1 Late Summer.
  •  FreeService Calls and Summer Evaluation
  •  Free Ph Soil Testing when requested or when problems exist
  • Mechanical weed removal of broad leaf weeds within your lawn as required, 5 minutes of time allotted per visit.

6 VISIT PROGRAM  ( up to 8 applications )   Starting at $ 255.45** per season  plus taxes

Eco-Nomical Classic Program    

  • 4 Seasonally timed slow release fertilizer applications of traditional fertilizer  
  • 2 Weed Control applications of Fiestaapplied as spot treatment as needed to control weeds*. Applied early and late Spring.
  • 1Free Service call (Summer evaluation)
  • Mechanical weed removal of broad leaf weeds within your lawn as required, 5 minutes of time allotted per visit.  

4 VISIT PROGRAM ( up to 6 applications )   Starting at $179.95 ** per season plus taxes.

**Prices are based on an average lawn size of  2000 sq feet. Prices may vary and will be dependent upon actual measured property size and extent of weeds present at time of evaluation.

For your convenience, service continues from season to season for a healthier lawn year after year.  For any change in service, please call our office during regular business hours. 519-979-7600  We're happy to help solve your problems!

Prepay any seasonal program and save 5% and e njoy a WORRY-FREE summer. 

* Weed control products are applied in accordance to provincial and or local by-laws and within IPM guidelines. Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and new developments that may provide more effective control. Management is defined as a process employed to control the incidence and reduction of weeds & turf damaging pests while promoting a healthy growing environment.  I t is neither reasonable nor practical to expect total weed and crabgrass control under new laws.  When we work together our programs will provide you with a healthy lawn, Guaranteed!

Individual Lawn Care Services

  • Lawn Repair:   when extensive damages exists we can evaluate and recommed the necessary steps needed to repair your lawn. Contact our office to arrange your evaluation.
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Keywords: Fertilizer, lawn care, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Matter, Weed Control, Weeds

Other products and services from Eco Gro Lawn Care


Organic Top Dressing

Organic matter in soil allows air water and nutrients to enter the root zone of the plants we are growing and holds it there for later consumption by the plant. Organic fertilizers and dressing replenish this organic matter as it breaks down and feeds your plants at the same time. We offer several products that we can spread on your lawn to add organic matter. Rich in humus with the ability to hold 9 times their weight in moisture.


Over seeding & Slit Seeding

Slit over seeding is also a great way to introduce new cultivars of rye and fescue grass with endophytes properties to combat the damage caused by leaf-feeding insects. Over seeding is a method of thickening a lawn that has become thin or damaged by insects, diseases, weeds, drought, excessive traffic or other types of damage.


Aeration / Lawn Core Aerating

Lawn aeration allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots, helps old grasses decompose faster, improves root structure and increases your lawns resistance to drought. Aerating is the process of removing small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn to encourage new root growth. The decomposition process can be speed up by mowing your lawn more frequently once the cores have dried out.


Weed Control

The government agency that regulates herbicides is very clear that any product that is used to kill weeds needs to be registered under the Pest Control Products Act. A dense stand of turf can compete successfully with weed seedlings for light and nutrients thereby minimizing weeds within your lawn. Pre- emergent grassy weed control – applied before weed seeds germinate applied in the spring or late summer as needed.


Lawn Pest Control

Did you know that certain varieties of turf grass such as Fiesta III Perennial Ryegrass contain a fungus called an 'endophyte' which gives the plant a natural resistance to sucking insects such as chinch bug. If your lawn also display signs of being torn up, this is usually a grub problem and the result of nocturnal animals such as skunks and raccoons feeding on the grubs.