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By: Biostatcon  09-12-2011
Keywords: disease, Differentially Expressed Genes

Examples of the types of analyses that we perform include:

  • Identification of expressed genes in a given set of samples.
  • Identification of differentially expressed genes under a given study condition (e.g. treatment).
  • Detection of alternative splicing associated with a condition under the study.
  • Identification of Gene Ontology (GO) terms (i.e. biological processes, molecular functions and cellular components) enriched in the list of differentially genes.
  • Identification of perturbed pathways under the condition of study.
  • Development of mathematical models to predict outcome (e.g. disease) based on expression data.
  • Discovery of subtypes of disease based on gene expression signatures.
  • Support for MIAME documenting high-throughput data and deposition into public repositories such as GEO and ArrayExpress.

Keywords: Differentially Expressed Genes, disease,