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By: Howson Leasing  09-12-2011
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There are three basic ways to acquire a vehicle for your general use and enjoyment:

 1) Purchase a vehicle outright for cash.

 2) Purchase a vehicle over time by securing a loan (financing) from a

     financial institution.

 3) Purchase a vehicle through the use of an Open or Closed End Lease. 

Leasing a vehicle is simply an alternative form of financing which can provide all the upside of ownership without some of the downsides of high monthly payments, taxes being paid up front, lost opportunity costs on funds employed to purchase a vehicle and extraneous costs associated with arranging a loan.

Leasing a vehicle instead of purchasing outright or taking out a loan can be either less expensive or more expensive over the term depending on the variables associated with the contract. In most cases the primary reason many people chose to lease is due to the significant cash flow differance between paying cash outright or the amounts associated with monthly payments on a loan.


Open End Finance Leasing

Open End Finance Leasing is a vehicle financing tool that incorporates the advantages of low monthly payments, minimal down payments, taxes paid monthly instead of up front and realistic Residual Value Buyouts that equate to expected market values. There are no kilometer restrictionsnor are there any excess charges either for additional kilometers driven or wear and tear on the vehicle. You also have the option of coming out of a lease earlier than its contract term without the heavy cancellation charges and penalties found in most Closed End Leases.

This type of lease is used for both corporate vehicles and for retail individuals and contrary to general opinion, does not need to be able to be written off for tax purposes to provide all the advantages noted above.

Vehicle Recommendations

With the myriad number and availablity of vehicle makes, models, trim levels, special package content, drive line combinations, engine sizes/types, electronic packages etc., it's no wonder consumers today can become perplexed with regard to the type of vehicle that would best suit their needs. A qualified Howson Auto Leasing industry professional can be your answer and fount of knowledge to quickly sort through the maze of financial programs, special package content and translate the 'small print jargon' that will allow you to make an educated decision on the make, model and equipment of your next vehicle.

Contacting a HAL Account Executive, describing your basic vehicle requirements and answering some questions as to your driving needs, we can recommend several vehicles that will be tailor made to your specific requirements.

Pricing Analysis

Whether you have received a quote from a dealer or have utilized a Pricing Page off the Internet on your desired vehicle, there still may be opportunities for you to better your transaction.HAL will provide you with a pricing analysis on the vehicle of your choice including a comparison to your existing figures and a review of a direct purchase, an Open End Lease or a Closed End Lease from the manufacturers.

This service is even more critical when a trade in is involved. We can help to ensure that you can optimize the entire transaction by getting the best purchase/finance price on the new unit and the highest available price on your trade in. Call a HAL Account Executive and share with them your best deal and let us go to work for you.

Remarketing Services

HAL's experienced Account Executives have the ability to assist our customers in obtaining the highest values available for their used vehicles/trade-ins/off lease vehicles. Constantly reviewing both the wholesale and retail marketplace allows them to objectively evalute the values of all vehicle lines and to advise our customers of  the best direction to take in remarketing their vehicle.

With the introduction of our new website and the section noted as Lessee Consignment, we have provided the opportunity to our customers who are coming out of a lease within 90 days to post their vehicle for sale or re-lease on the site. This site will be viewed by a wide audience of interested and motived purchasers in both the wholesale/dealer environment as well as the retail public looking for a well maintained, late model used vehicle. 

Keywords: vehicle