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By: Whitby Honda  09-12-2011
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Honda dealers utilize state of the art facilities with the latest high tech equipment. This, combined with

factory trained Honda technicians

who know what's best for your vehicle, help to ensure your vehicle is fixed right the first time, for peace of mind motoring. Read on to find out how and why.

Technical Training


What makes Honda technical training unique? Honda technicians are kept abreast of the latest evolving technology through distance training programs available through e-Learning. E-Learning allows for timely and on-going training as soon as new models are introduced, and is customized for each associate, with interactive functionality.


Honda technicians also participate in special technical training courses where they are challenged to demonstrate both their knowledge and their tactile skills. "Hands on" training insures that Honda technicians are able to keep abreast of technological changes and service procedures.

At Honda "good-enough" is not good enough! Students cannot pass a technical training course by simply listening to a lecture and writing a paper test. A special form of training is used. It is referred to as IST (Individualized Skills Training). What makes IST training so special? Class size is restricted to no more than 8 students and students work at their own pace. Every student must actually demonstrate the skills required before they receive credit for the course. Lectures & tests (passive learning) have been replaced by skill acquisition and skills demonstration (active learning). In this manner we are able to guarantee that the students acquire the knowledge and demonstrate the skills to fix the vehicle right the first time.

Technical Support

Every Honda dealer is connected with on-line and on-call support from the Manufacturer with engineering specialists available to assist with answering questions or troubleshooting difficult problems.

Apprenticeship Training Program

At Honda we have entered into partnerships with several community colleges across Canada to sponsor Honda specific apprentice training programs. We donate vehicles, training components, tools, equipment, and expertise. Honda also works closely with the colleges to enrich and continually update our apprentice curriculum so that the students receive the best possible education. In this manner we are able to ensure that our dealers have the "pick of the crop" when it comes to hiring new professional service technicians.

HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) Tester

Only Honda dealers have the HDS tester, a sophisticated, portable computer designed and engineered by Honda to aid Honda technicians in diagnosing automotive electrical systems and electronic components. It tests the PGM-FI engine control module (ECM), and other control modules and their associated sensors, actuators and cable harnesses. The PGM tester has multiple capabilities including testing the transmission control module, anti-lock brake system, traction control system, supplemental restraint system and the active torque transfer system.


Honda developed a new, innovative information center to increase Honda dealerships' ability to serve their customers more effectively. The i-Drive system allows dealership associates to instantly access specific information on vehicles as far back as 20 years, all at their fingertips. This includes all service manuals, service bulletins and product updates, which provides dealer service staff the latest information on all Honda vehicles. In addition to supplying technical information to service personnel, the i-Drive computer allows sales associates and customers to browse vehicle specifications and product comparisons and much more.

Keywords: vehicle

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