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Social Media Optimization from SEP Enterprise

By: SEP Enterprise  29-07-2014

Social media platforms were initially developed to enhance communication between family and friends. However, these platforms have increasingly become important marketing and communication tools that individuals use to communicate with each other or with firms. Social media platforms can be used to attract traffic and for lead generation. The leads can then be converted into sales thereby increasing revenue in your business. Notably, social networks must be optimized appropriately so that they can help a business achieve its goals or targets. At this point, out social media optimization services come in handy. What is Social Media Optimization? Social media optimization (SMO) is the art of generating publicity or making a business/brand more visible and relevant through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. SMO is very beneficial because it can enable a brand or business to reach a wider audience. In addition, SMO helps a business to engage with current and potential customers. Why Do You Need Social Media Optimization? Social networks are ideal platforms for marketing your brand, engaging with customers and creating brand loyalty. Findings from studies show that about 65% of people use social networks to learn or find out about a service, brand or business. 53% use social networks to compliment brands while 70% use these platforms to read reviews and recommendations from other users. In the past few years, consumers have increasingly used social media platforms to search for businesses. Notably, your current and prospective customers are searching your business in social networks. Without an online presence in social networks, you fail to gain customer loyalty from fans and also lose potential customers. Social media optimization will help you gain potential clients, nurture and retain current clients, and create loyal customers. What We Do? – Social Media Optimization We create and optimize your business accounts on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others. However, we concentrate much on the four largest social media platforms-Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter although we can optimize any other platform of your choice. Facebook – It is the largest social network with over 1 billion active users. Facebook is growing at a rapid rate. Current and Potential clients on Facebook want to see your brand reflected in the profile and fan pages. They want to see the human side of your brand thus you need to have refreshing, informative and engaging content in from of posts, status updates, comments, videos, messages and pictures. You can trust us to optimize your profile/page and engage the customers. Google+ – It is the second largest social media platform with over 269 million active users. Google+ has numerous SEO-related benefits. Our experts will create your profile, optimize it with the appropriate information, images and keywords, and enhance your online presence by updating and sharing posts. Twitter – Twitter has over 200 million active users who post over 340 million tweets on a daily basis. By hiring our services, be sure that we’ll create your account, tweet on a regular basis and earn you numerous followers. LinkedIn – With over 87 million users spread in about 200 countries, LinkedIn is the ideal social network for B2B businesses. Our firm will create your profile as well as connect with groups and join discussions on your behalf.