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By: Reverend Rudy | Wedding Officiants with Venue | Toronto, GTA, Durham Region, Ontario|   21-12-2010


Love Never Dies

As a Minister, Rudy is trained to help individuals plan and present a personalized memorial, celebration of life and funeral service. Rudy acts as a facilitator, is an attentive and sensitive listener, interviewer, creative writer, professional public speaker and ceremonial leader in his role.

Creative, alternative and compassionate, Rudy is an excellent choice for those who want to honour the life of a deceased loved one through a participatory end-of-life ceremony. Services that may or may not be religious in nature, but that are both deeply moving and meaningful for those who are bereaved.

Why Have a Celebration of Life Ceremony?

An increasing number of Canadians say they are non-religious, not associated with a specific church or define their spirituality in different ways. A funeral, memorial or celebration of life service reflecting an individual’s lifestyle and personality, often mirrors his or her spiritual nature.

Friends and family frequently desire to participate in the planning and presentation of a personalized end of life ceremony but often are uncertain how to do so. Or they may be uncomfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings about death and loss in public.

A frequent comment after a Celebratory service is: "It was very meaningful, spiritual and just what our loved one would have wanted".

I will at all times, fully respect you and your loved one’s special wishes and include these into the Celebration of Life Service. Whether your desire for your loved one is a religious or non-religious ceremony, please contact me, for additional information and/or consultation.

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