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By: Reverend Rudy | Wedding Officiants with Venue | Toronto, GTA, Durham Region, Ontario|   06-09-2010


Motivational Speaking

Rudy Heezen M.T.S. (Professional Member of Caps)

Our minds are like parachutes…………………………….. Open it!

Questions I am frequently asked are: "Why am I here?" "How can I find purpose in my life?" I am told "if only I could find my purpose in life then I would be happier, at peace and feel more fulfilled."

The primary focus of our motivational and inspirational seminars, writings, discussions and speeches is to assist people find their true purpose in life. As a Wedding Officiant and Minister I have learned over years that each and every person longs for peace. Each person at the core of his or her being wants to be at peace, with the world, their peers, but most of all, themselves.

In my motivational and inspirational seminars and speeches I share with people that they can feel at peace and live purposefully. We must give in order to receive. Purpose is about serving. It is taking the interest off oneself and onto others.

This is true in our personal, spiritual and professional lives. As soon as we find purpose in life we really will be fulfilled. We’ll be passionate about our lives with our dreams, taking on new dimensions, while our goals will be both meaningful and worthwhile.

Our purpose in life is to serve others! What is your passion? What sets your heart ablaze? What stirs your soul? What is holding you back? What is stopping you from being the person you can be?

Allow me to teach you the secrets of true success, principles that can be used over and over again in all aspects of life through one of my motivational or inspirational speeches.

As you begin to apply these principles in your daily life they will unlock the doors of genuine success. You truly will be a successful man, woman, husband, wife, partner, son, daughter, father, mother and professional.

Find what inspires you. Search for your passion in life.

Open your parachute let your mind and spirit soar! Be the person you have always wanted to be or were meant to be!

It is your choice!

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