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By: Renewed Design  09-12-2011

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Within seconds of seeing the outside of a home, buyers have formed an opinion of it’s condition. OUR Goal is to help you pay attention to even the smallest detail, which could detract from securing the most equity. We want to create the WOW factor that homebuyers are looking for.

What to expect from the Renewed Design Experience.

Sandra will provide you with a thorough, written, room-by-room report identifying trouble areas and how to minimize them, plus a plan of action to enhance your homes assets.

You can either perform all the recommended actions yourself or we can provide the assistance, using competent trade’s people, to ensure it is done quickly and on budget.

We come back to your home to do the final showcasing OR just fine-tune the rooms ensuring the home is ready for “Photographs” We will visit both properties, make floor plans, and decide together what current belongings will work best in your new space, sell or donate the rest to family or charities. We will inspire the buyer to imagine how they would enjoy living in the home and using it’s space. We can do full, semi or vignette staging, based on needs and budget

"My home décor is tired and needs a face lift!" Just like preparing a home for sale, RENEWED DESIGN will focus on what you already have.  The Staged to Stay process uses most of your own furnishings and accessories, but in new ways for a fresher overall appearance. Your new room can then be enhanced with our redecorating service:
  • We refresh with paint.
  • We install trims to enhance the architectural features of your home.
  • We re-design Kitchens & Bathrooms.

We have access to a team of qualified trades which are reliable and proven to finish the job on time and budget.

Renewed Design offers a complete line of interior decorating services. Our extensive access to design resources and craftsmen enables us to provide our clients with a full range of options from traditional to contemporary. We work closely with each client to design a living space that represents their unique lifestyle and taste.

We offer a Full Line of Interior Design Services:

  • Space Analysis, Planning and Furniture Layout
  • Kitchen and Bath Design suggestions
  • Window and Wall Treatments and Specifications
  • Lighting and Fixture Selection
  • Paint, Finishes, Fabric, Flooring and Carpet Selection
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Art Selection and More
Colour Makeovers: Transform your rooms with colour and a fresh new attitude! Transform your rooms with colour and a fresh new attitude!

Do you find it challenging to choose colours that blend beautifully together?
The final outcome will depend on which direction your home faces the current lighting in each room, and the finish and quality of the materials used. Our expert assistance will ensure you don’t make costly and time-consuming mistakes!