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By: Pension Specialist  09-12-2011

The service centre has been created for individuals nearing retirement. You will need to fuel your lifestyle with the appropriate income to enjoy the ride. Remember, your life’s journey may continue for the next 30 years or so. Our team is well equipped with the proper tools to ensure you reach your pre-determined destination. Among those tools is The Pension Navigation Process™.

The Pension Navigation Process™

is an exclusive 4-step concept designed specifically for you to sit in the driver’s seat of your own retirement plans.

Step 1 - Diagnose your Dashboard

All systems go. As with any journey, it is important to keep your eyes on the road ahead and always be aware of your speed and fuel.

During this step:

  • Your personal profile is developed
  • Dangers, opportunities, and strengths are identified
  • Timelines and spending habits are reviewed
  • A clear vision is created 

Step 2- Develop your Direction

Begin with the end in mind. Any road will take you there if you don’t know where your going.

During this step:

  • Both long and short term objectives are discussed
  • Strategies based on personal individual goals are created
  • Together we review options based on your current pension 

Step 3 - Discovering your Detours

Beware of life’s pitfalls. Your pathway to success may be challenged with life’s roadblocks or detours.

During this step:

  • We plan for life’s detours and roadblocks
  • You develop alternatives strategies and routes
  • We map out your pathway to success

Step 4 - Determine your Destination

Choose your path. This is the step within The Pension Navigation Process™ where we will identify and select your pension options.
During this step:

  • We review your options and alternatives
  • You decide your chosen route
  • We implement and process your plan
  • Maintain a lasting relationship through check-ups and tune-ups

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