Custom eLume LED Light Panel

Custom eLume LED Light Panel from LED Light Panels

By: LED Light Panels  27-10-2011
Keywords: Lighting Fixtures, Interior Designers, Interior Decorators & Designers

Thin, high brightness, even lit, CREE LED Light Panels. Our LED Light Panels are ideal for backlit glass, resin, onyx, acrylic or transparencies. Illuminate any translucent material to produce dynamic, beautifully backlit and original, sustainable interior designs. eLume LED panels are thin, custom sizable, optical acrylic sheets with high output tier one CREE LEDs embedded along the edge of the LED panels and an engraved light distribution matrix across the back of the panel. This light distribution grid pattern is optimized for each specific panel size to ensure uniform and bright illumination over the the face of the panel. With their minimal power consumption, long lifespan, uniform, bright illumination and thin, lightweight characteristics, our high output eLume LED Light Panels are ideal to illuminate any translucent material compared to traditional fluorescent back lit systems.

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