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Personal Styling / Body Makeover from JJ Image Consulting

By: JJ Image Consulting  16-05-2012
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Discover the perfect styles for your shape, size and proportions to suit your lifestyle, personality and budget.

Body Makeover-Your Right Style Starts with Shape, Size & Fit

The goal of styling is to create the perception of a balanced hourglass figure by using clothes and accessories.  Since only approximately 8% of the population has a true hourglass shape, there’s a lot of styling to be done.

My job is to teach you how to wear the right styles for your body shape. Once you understand a few simple guidelines, styling yourself is a breeze.  All you need to add is your own personality to create your signature style to be your best self.

During a personal styling consultation, each of the following is covered in detail as it relates to your unique body.  

Body Shape

Many books have been written about body shapes and many names have been given to body shapes ranging from a few basic shapes (Dress Your Best, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly) to as many as a dozen shapes (The Body Shape Bible, Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine).

I work with the following 5 based on the book, Dress Your Best:
Bigger on the Bottom (pear, triangle, A)
Bigger on the Top (inverted triangle, V)
Not Curvy (rectangle , banana, H)
Hourglass (X)
Bigger in the Middle (apple, O)

The most common mistake I see is woman with extra weight wearing a baggy black cardigan over black pants (or skirt) to cover everything up.  It looks old and frumpy and totally lacks style no matter how old the woman wearing it.

It’s so easy for a woman with extra weight to wear almost anything when it’s the right style and fit such as a classic suit jacket.

Fit Fit is key. 

Without a perfect fit, no matter how great the style or expensive the piece, the outfit will look wrong.

There’s only one way to get a proper fit – A tailor or seamstress must alter your clothes to fit your body. It’s not your body that’s wrong, it’s the fit that’s wrong. I bet you have things in your closet right now that IF they fit properly, they would look amazing.  

Scale & Proportion Size does matter. 

Your body shape is always the same shape no matter what you weigh so you can be bigger on the bottom and wear a size 4 or bigger on the bottom and wear a plus size.  But a woman who is petite (under 5’4″) and bigger on the bottom will have to wear different design elements than a woman who is 5′ 10″ and wears size 18.  The smaller woman, for example, would look better in smaller prints while the larger woman would look better in larger prints.  That’s scale coming into play. A woman, regardless of her size, who has short legs in comparison to the rest of her body needs to wear styles that lengthen her legs.  That’s proportion coming into play. The goal is to make your body look balanced and proportionate.  After all, in the end, every woman wants a sexy, hourglass shape whether she wears size 4 or 14 or larger.  

Fabrics, Colours & Prints - Your Style Magic

FABRIC – Weight, texture, drape and sheen can make you appear smaller or larger than you are. Lightweight fabrics drape and flow beautifully over curves but can add inches if the style is all wrong.  Heavy textured fabrics such as faux-fur or heavy knits can be overbearing on a delicate, petite frame but are dramatic on a taller, larger woman.  Shiny fabrics such as satin that fits close to the body reveals every little bump – even tiny Rene Zellweger’s tummy (pictured left) – so wear this fabric with caution.  

COLOUR – Don’t shy away from colour – It can easily reshape you.

Many of you already know that wearing black can make you appear smaller because black (dark) recedes while white (light) advances an object.  Unfortunately, women too often wear black to conceal body parts they don’t like which in turn can sacrifice style.  I’ve seen it only too often – large black sweater over black pants.  In the end, it’s very unflattering especially black doesn’t flatter the person. Colour used correctly can actually make you appear slimmer, taller and younger.   PRINTS – The right print strategically placed can hide body imperfections remarkably well.  Prints are marvellous design elements because they can direct the eye to focus on something good like a great waist or direct the eye away from a thicker waist – diagonal, horizontal or vertical lines are a simple example. Complex prints confuse the eye so it can’t really focus on anything, perfect for hiding extra weight or skin that may not be perfectly smooth.

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