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By: Hires Solutions  09-12-2011
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HiRes Solutions Offers a wide range of services to help make your computer experience the best that it can be. Right now and for a limited time, we are offering our $10.00 computer pick-up and drop-off at no charge. Please feel free to call us if you don't see the service you are looking for below.


Choosing the right products at the right price can be difficult. When you're in the market for new computers, software, or peripherals, let HiRes Solutions help you to decide on the right products for you. We will do the research to find the best value and performance solution based on your needs. We will then purchase the equipment from the best supplier and deliver and set it up at your location. And once you have your new gear, HiRes Solutions will be there to help you, should you have any questions or problems. Our phone support is always free for our customers!
All this for a fixed fee with no markup on the hardware. Call us for details.

Upgrades can breathe new life into your aging computer equipment. Sometimes adding memory, or a new video card can give your computer the performance boost it needs to do the job you want. Whether it's business or games, upgrades can be the answer. HiRes Solutions can evaluate your computer system and let you know if an upgrade will give your computer the performance you need.
Most of our upgrades carry a fixed labour cost, so you know what it will cost before we start the work.

When your computer acts up it can be a real pain, and sometimes the potential for data loss, whether it be business files, digital pictures or music, means that you need the computer repaired without losing those precious files. Unlike many computer service companies, we make your data a priority and we will work to protect your files as a first step to repairing your computer. If your computer won't boot, just shut it down and call HiRes Solutions. We will pick up your computer, make every effort to back up your files, and then proceed to recommend any repairs that may be needed. A quote for service is always provided before we do the work!

Probably the hottest upgrade for home internet users today is the wireless network. The purchase and setup of wireless networks can be difficult and expensive. HiRes Solutions can recommend and supply wireless components, and then setup your wireless network at your location. We will also configure your network to be secure to prevent others from using your network and possibly getting into your computers. Wireless network security is very important. You shouldn't run a wireless network without it! If you already have a wireless network in your home or business, call HiRes Solutions to activate security on your network today.

Our Silver Service Discount gives a 10% labour discount to senior (55+) home users who use any of our services. More and more seniors are embracing computers and the internet to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as keeping up on the news and current events. HiRes Solutions recognizes that seniors need help they can trust. Call us today, for service satisfaction and the savings you deserve!

Lugging your computer into a repair depot is inconvenient and time consuming. Picking up your computer and having to set it up again yourself may be a challenge too. HiRes Solutions will come to your location and pick up your computer, we will then perform the service and return the computer to you, setting it up for you, and making sure that it is working properly again. This allows us to demonstarte to you that the repairs have been completed properly and to your satisfaction.

Sometimes the best way to help you with a problem is to "see" it for ourselves. With your permission, HiRes Solutions can have you install a free software tool on your computer that will allow us to connect to your computer when you have a problem you would like us to help you with. This connection is authorized by you each time you want to use it, so we can't get on your computer unless you allow us to! Remote Desktop Support is a valuable tool, and can save you having to have your computer in the shop if the problem can be solved remotely.
Remote Desktop Support is billed at just $25 per half hour session. don't forget that our Silver Service Discount applies to this service!

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Keywords: Computer Service, wireless network

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