F1 Tech - business products

By: F1 Tech  09-12-2011

We sell hardware that suits your needs.

We do the research and figure out what hardware your business really needs.

Top 5 business products:

  1. Laser Printers and toner
  2. Scanners and fax machines
  3. Monitors, keyboards and mice
  4. Battery Backup units
  5. Routers, switches and other networking components
  6. Network racks and server room supplies

Client Workstations, laptops and servers

We custom build our client workstations and servers to meet the task at hand. Why waste money on hardware you don't need? After a few quick questions we'll know exactly what to put inside your computer system. Our systems are built with the best quality components available. F1 workstations come with a 3-year next business day onsite warranty, servers come with a 3-year same business day warranty - best in the business!

F1 4600 File Server:

F1 3500 Client Workstation:

Other products and services from F1 Tech


F1 Tech - business services

Some clients require full service and completely outsource all IT to F1 Tech, other clients make service calls when necessary. Free pickup and delivery for business depot systems. Is your server slow or low on disk space.


F1 Tech - home products

Call and get a quick quote from us before going to a large electronics store - we can give you a better price and better service. F1 2800 and 3200 Workstation Packages.