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By: Crossconcept  09-12-2011
Keywords: business process, Project Consulting

CrossConcept has an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with both the business process and functionality of Changepoint along with the technical aspects of the thorough but complex system. You always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide a total third party answer to your Changepoint customization and consulting needs.

We offer both fixed fee milestone based engagements along with time and materials based projects for our consulting services. We're ready and willing to negotiate the best approach that fits your budgeting needs. We often recommend to new clients that they consider this per-project option during the evaluation phase. Retainer based blocks of hours can also be purchased in advance.

Project Consulting

You've invested heavily in resources and budget choosing Changepoint as the best PSA or IT Governance solution for your company. The application has a proven track record in project/portfolio management and has a wide breadth of functionality from CRM to work flow management. One of it's greatest strengths is complete flexibility that can be configured to suit any business process.

However, it's greatest strength can prove to be your greatest weakness if the system is ineffectively configured and implemented. Have an expert Changepoint project consultant on your team to help guide you through the complex decisions of how to effectively configure and implement the application to best suit your specific business needs and processes.

Custom Development

Getting Changepoint effectively configured and implemented is the first step. Our Technical Services team steps in to work with you to deliver a tailor made solution to suite your specific business need.

Custom Reports

Whether it's a custom Report Designer report or a more complex report that needs either custom ASP or the added feature set that SQL Server Reporting Services provides - your specific reporting needs are covered.

Custom Interfaces

Our technical services team can handle interfacing Changepoint information to any other business essential system including
human resources, customer relationship management,
help desk, payroll, general ledger, accounts receivable
and accounts payable.

Technical Consulting

Planning an upgrade? Let us assess your current
customizations and do an impact assessment to let you
know the impact the upgrade will have on them.

Development/Training Services

Need help with doing an upgrade? Or just want some expert advice available as needed while you assess or develop your own customizations? Want to really learn how Report Designer works and how to effectively create your own enterprise level reports? Our experienced and expert developers and trainers are here to help.

System Audits

Do you feel Changepoint is running a little sluggish? Or maybe you'd just like to make sure all areas of the application in relation to the infrastructure are setup correctly. We can help. Out expert technicians do a complete system audit of your network, database, and application - reporting and identifying any bottlenecks in your setup.

Changepoint Admin 

Support Services (CASS)

Let us be your expert first line support for your user
base. You receive a named support consultant dedicated
to your business. Choose from different packages to
suite your budget and support needs.

Basic, Standard, Enhanced, & Premium Packages

This is your first line of support to answer all questions and issues related to Changepoint. They also have access to project, technical and development consultants as needed. And they interact with Compuware support on your behalf to resolve any functional or system bugs.

Knowing your current setup and where you would like to take your organization is an important step in advancement. At CrossConcept, our assessment stage is key to achieving success. We meet with you personally and get an understanding of your situation, goals, and objectives. We then gather all the relevant information as to how your current installation is designed and configured. We take this information and perform an analysis to provide you with a guide to achieve your goals and objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Planning is key to success and CrossConcept is here to assist you with the all-important planning stage before working together to implement your plan.

Keywords: business process, Project Consulting