Spirit Guide Connection Through Automatic Writing

By: Soaring Free  09-12-2011
Keywords: Spirit Guide

We all have spirit guides which are with us throughout our daily activities.   They watch us, laugh with us, work with us, cry with us at all times.  It's only when you reach out and ask them to help that they assist us with that area in which we are struggling.  They cannot help without our permission and it must be specific. 

This course offers you the basic skills to become truly connected to your spirit guide.  You will be able to sit, meditate and do automatic writing with the messages your spirit guide has for you.  The messages they send are beautiful and many have answers to those things you have been questioning in your own life. 

The first time that this ability came to me was at around 3 a.m. when I had been asking my spirit guides to connect with me but nothing was happening.  I was awakened from a sound sleep and could not go back to sleep until I picked up my pen and pad and received the message he had for me. 

Keywords: Spirit Guide

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