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By: Raw Pet Food Company  09-12-2011
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Can I feed my pet kibble and RAW meals at the same time?
Once you have started your pet on healthy RAW meals, it is recommended that you not provide kibble or canned products.  These products contain grains, corn and rice, which cats and dogs cannot digest. Kibble and cooked foods are digested at a much slower rate than raw food, and mixing the two can cause serious gastric and digestion problems, or even death due to bloating.
Our RAW products do not contain any corn, grains or rice.

How much do I feed my dog or cat?
Dogs and cats eating RAW meals should eat between 2 and 3 percent of their ideal body weight
Puppies should consume 5 – 10 percent of their ideal body weight
Kittens should consume 2 – 5 percent of their ideal body weight
Please reference our ‘why feed raw’ tab for more detailsCan I start my older dog or cat on a RAW diet?
Of course! It is never too late to begin eating healthy.  As long as your pet does not have any medical conditions that would make this practice unwise, follow the guidelines in our ‘why feed raw’ tab.
RAW Probiotics will help aid in the transition from kibble to a RAW diet.  Our probiotics come in complete meals, as well as supplements for your pet.
Please contact us if you have specific questions, or would like a customized RAW meal plan developed for your pet.
Before starting your senior pet on a raw, please consult a ‘raw’ supportive vet.The patties and meal balls have a different smell than the meat I purchase at the store.   Why is that?
Our RAW meals are freshly packaged using only human-grade, government inspected products.  RAW patties and meatballs are mixed and freshly frozen.  Our products smell the way nature intended - fresh, as if you are walking into a butcher shop.Can I refreeze the RAW patties and meatballs?
Yes.  There is no harm in refreezing our products.  There will not be any loss to the nutritional content, or any health risks to your pet.  Do not reuse or refreeze products that have been at room temperature for longer than 60 minutes.  As long as the product has been kept chilled, it can be refrozen upto 4 days after thawing.  However, once thawed again, it must be eaten within 48 hours.Why is my pet drinking less water?
RAW meals naturally contain water.  Your pet’s digestive system is designed to extract the moisture from the food they eat.  This results in less use of external water.  However, a fresh supply of water should always be available.Do I need to fast my dog?
Wild animals do not eat every day, or at the same time each day.  It is optimal to fast your dog for 24 hours, once in a while, to cleanse their system.  During the fast-day, do not feed any treats, or commercial products.  Do not double the amount of food the next day.  It is a natural occurrence for a canine not to eat on occasion.  You may find that they drink more on the fast-day, as the water that would have been supplied though their food is now not available.  Ensure that plenty of fresh water is always available to your pet.What if my dog won’t eat his entire meal?
It happens, just as you find some days you are just not hungry.  Give your dog 15 minutes to consume what he will.  Put any remaining food back in the fridge for use the next day.  Do not add a full portion to the left-over food, only add what would constitute one meal.  You may find that your dog is eating less than when eating kibble.  Dogs tend to self regulate when eating raw meals.  They will not gorge or over eat as they would have when eating kibble or canned products.What is the detoxification process?
As your pet beings eating healthy RAW meals, their bodies will eliminate all the stored impurities.  You may notice runny eyes, drippy nose, more shedding, or loose stool.  This is only temporary.  These symptoms will subside once their system has been cleansed.  The benefits of feeding your pet a RAW diet will show in their bright eyes, shiny coat, less shedding, and fewer illnesses.My pet is pooping less, and it looks different.  Why?
Our RAW diet provides meals that are filled with nutrients that are readily absorbed by the body.  There are no fillers such as corn, rice or grains.  No fillers means less waste, and therefore, less poop.  Sometimes you may notice that the poop is white.  This comes from the bone matter in our RAW meals.  Bone is added as a source of calcium and minerals, but also aids in holding the fecal matter together.  
At times you may find that the poop is covered in a mucus-like matter.  This is from the digestion of organ meat.  
Your pet’s poop is not meant to be the same every day – yours isn’t.

Keywords: dog, pet, Raw Meals

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