By: Forest Care  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ecological Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation

Species List and Plant Stock

All plants grown at St Williams Nursery are of known provenance. Our focus in on growing source identified wild-type genetic stock to support ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation. We offer a wide variety of native species as seed and plants in a variety of stock types. If you need a species not available for your project; please contact our staff ecologists as we specialize incontract growing for large and small ecological restoration and conservation projects. We can also contract grow selected Species at Risk (e.g., American Sweet Chestnut, Butternut, etc., under a special permit with Environment Canada).

Keywords: Biodiversity Conservation, Ecological Restoration,

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Ecological Restoration

We combine a science-based assessment and design approach within an adaptive management framework, working with the natural system processes, to effectively and efficiently restore degraded habitats. Ecological restoration is often an important element for conservation and/or enhancement of natural biodiversity (e.g., in urbanized or industrialized environments).


Biodiversity Starter Garden Pack

The seeds for these plants have been carefully selected by St. Williams ecological restoration scientists and when planted in the correct zone by you, will contribute to Biodiversity Conservation and the unique natural beauty of your area. You can help conserve natural biodiversity by planting a small "biodiversity garden" of ecologically appropriate native plants appropriate to your area.