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By: Waterloo Data Fortress  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Business Continuity, Security Policies

Secure, Reliable, Scalable Continuity Services

In August 2003, more than 50 million North Americans were without electricity in what has been described as "the most widespread blackout in the history of electrical civilization".

For eSolutionsGroup customers, irreplaceable business and customer data remained safe and secure thanks to state of the art technology and multiple, redundant power systems from eSolutions Data Fortress.

Business Continuity and Technology Services you can rely on from eSolutionsGroup 

Hosted or Co-location Services

Choose the service and support package that is best for you; co-locate or take full advantage of our facilities, equipment and technology services.

Data Storage and Recovery

Secure, reliable data storage at our facilities.  And if the unthinkable happens at yours, we can help.

Networking and Connectivity

Build your own or leverage our experience to connect your networks.  Stay connected with a diverse path fibre optic network design and fast access through a 100 mbps port and customer-selected bandwidth.


Uninterruptible power supplies, secured by battery and automatic diesel backup, make brownouts and blackouts a worry of the past.  Network intelligent, load-balancing HVAC systems ensure climate control with 15% less energy consumption.

Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive clean gas agents provide safe fire suppression.


With more than 400 hosted or co-located servers and over 1 million users today. eSolutions Data Fortress facility enhancements in 2008 have more than doubled the power and capacity to support your growth.


Security and reliability are the key attributes of any enterprise-grade data centre. At the eSolutions Data Fortress, we adhere to clearly defined security policies and procedures. While we cannot divulge them in detail, we can provide a general overview of our security philosophy.

Escorted access only

Although many data centres allow their customers unescorted access, we have made a conscious decision not to follow this practice.

We believe that the only way we can ensure the privacy and security of all our customers is to monitor all visitors first-hand to ensure that they access designated equipment only. Our escorts, who are on-call 24x7, are experienced system and network administrators who are able to provide technical assistance to clients when necessary.

Concentric security model

Our physical security model consists of several security zones with different methods of access. Entry into the first zone requires a verified photo ID card. Entry to the second zone requires an authorized escort who has an RFID-based token which has been granted the required permissions to access the data fortress. All access to the building and the data fortress itself is logged. Access to the third zone requires a key which is accessible to authorized data fortress personnel only.

Network security management

Although it is normally the customer's responsibility to provide their own firewall and configure their equipment in a secure manner, we can provide technical advice and assistance when required. We have experienced system and network administrators available who can provide network design, firewall configuration, security audits, and other security related services. We can also provide managed firewall services if required.

Beyond Business Continuity

With customers ranging from regional start-ups to municipalities, associations and multi-billion dollar financial services and technology organizations, eSolutionsGroup can help analyze your end-to-end technical and business continuity services.

Together, we develop a program to ensure business continuity and take the pain out of IT support, from hardware and software requirements, setup and maintenance, to network builds, support and end user Help.

Keywords: Business Continuity, Security, Security Policies

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