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By: Wall's Guest House  09-12-2011
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At WIGH, we strive to treat our guests with the warmth and friendliness that is Haiti. In spite of the many challenges we face in this country, we want you to see our best. We are here to welcome you, to serve you and to show you the beauty of Haiti and its people.

Airport Pickup

Transportation to and from the airport is available at $25 US per trip for an individual and $30 US for a group of two or more. Please ensure that the manager is aware of your airline, flight number, flight time, the number in your group and amount of luggage.


Shower and bathroom facilities are shared. Towels are provided. Water is a precious resource in Haiti. We ask that you keep your showers short and that you flush only when necessary. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO HOT WATER FOR SHOWERS. The weather in Haiti is hot enough!

Safety and Security

Haiti is as much newsworthy for its poverty as it is for the reported violence. Political stability is clearly a factor in Haiti’s security which has been more consistent under the current administration. The best indicator for us is the number of visitors that come through our doors. We have experienced exponential increases since 2006. This is a most positive sign for us and for Haiti.

Wall’s International Guest House is in a walled compound and contracts with a security firm for 24-hour armed security to ensure the safety for all our guests.

If you wish a safe place for your cash, documents or valuables, the Guest House has a safe. Please speak to the Manager.


Breakfast and dinner are included in your daily rate of $35/$40 per person. Breakfast is served from 7:00 -8:00 a.m. and dinner is served from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Other arrangements can be made if the Manager is notified in advance.


Laundry service is available for a small fee.

As we try to keep laundry to a minimum, bedding is changed weekly. Towels are changed regularly as are bathroom towels and mats.


Although Haiti is relatively safe, it is not encouraged to go out unless it is an organized event arranged by someone you know in Haiti. At Wall’s, evening entertainment consists of games, reading, and friendly and stimulating conversation with other guests. We encourage you to bring your favorite books and games for entertainment.


Seminars can be arranged on a variety of topics such as:

  • Haiti’s social /political history and the colonial impact
  • The socio-psychological scars resulting from the slave trade,
  • Literacy in Haiti
  • The family/gender dynamic
  • Poverty (why is Haiti poor?)
  • Religion (Vodou) and so on

Please notify the Manager if your group is interested in specific issues or receiving particular knowledge about Haiti and its people.

Language Translation

Haiti’s official languages are French and Creole. All educated Haitians speak French as well as Creole. Creole is the language of birth. In the countryside, only Creole would be understood.

The management of Wall’s International Guest House has fluency in French, English and Creole. If you require translation in the course of your stay, please speak with the Manager on duty.

If you are interested in learning Creole, lessons can be arranged for an appropriate fee.

Introduction to Creole

There is a proverb in Haiti that goes like this.. Figi ou se paspo ou .. Your face is your passport. This means that Haitians respond well when you smile and say a simple Bonjou or Bonswa. It is your best passport to Haiti !

If you desire to have some “mini” Creole lessons or more intensive sessions during your stay, please inquire with the Manager.

English Phrase Creole Translation
Hello [Morning] Bonjou
Hello [Afternoon] Bonswa
How are you? Kijan ou ye?
What's your name? Kijan ou rélé?
I am not too bad./I’m fine. Mwen pa pi mal / Mwen byen
My name is.. I'm from.. Mwen rélé.. mwen soti..
It's nice to meet you. Mwen kontan fé konesans ou.
Pardon? Kisa?
I don't understand. Mwen pa konpran.
See you later! Na we pita!
What are you doing? Sa ou fé la?
How much is that? Konbyen pou sa?
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