AccuMark Pattern Design, Grading and Marker Making

By: Virtek  09-12-2011

For decades, hundreds of the world's leading brand manufacturers have relied on AccuMark® software for computer-aided pattern development, grading and marker making.

AccuMark enables designers to apply their distinctive talents, individual techniques and creativity in a computer-aided environment that offers all the flexibility of manual pattern making.

With Gerber's AccuMark CAD software, you always have an electronic repository of your pattern data to minimize loss in the event of a disaster.

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Protect your investment with GERBERconnect remote diagnostics, an expansive field service organization and highest quality consumables and aftermarket products. Static and conveyorized cutting systems deliver uncompromising accuracy and throughput with even the most challenging composite materials. Laser systems guide workers in assembling accurate kits by indicating the correct sequence of plies to be picked from the cutting table.


GERBERcutter Z7 Automated Material Cutting System

The GERBERcutter® Z7 is a feature-rich high-ply cutting system that combines precision with speed to cut the most demanding materials to the tightest of tolerances.The Z7 cutting system contains a unique chaff collection system that removes drill plugs via a vacuum tube, preventing them from embedding in the bristle surface. This extends bristle life, reduces cleanup and ensures accurately cut parts time after time.