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UX Movie Night, from the back of the room

Here are the videos that we watched:

And here’s a bonus list of movies that we didn’t get to:

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Leah Buley writes:

Part of the challenge for me is just putting pen on paper and having faith that something interesting will result, so I’ve found these kiddie coloring/instruction books give me enough structure to get me moving:

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At last night’s UX ChitChat event, one of the questions we discussed was how to support people interested in breaking into the field as a practitioner. We concluded with the observation that it might seem like a daunting challenge! UX covers a broad range of activities across design, business, and technology — so where to start? How to become expert in those topics? Is that even reasonable?

“They are able to explore insights from many different perspectives and recognize patterns of behavior that point to a universal human need. That’s what you’re after at this point — patterns that yield ideas.”

Last night, we also shared some thoughts on the qualities and characteristics of UX practitioners. In the course of conversation, we touched upon these two resources:

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As the recently-retired CTO of Christie Digital, he knows something about throwing pixels around, and in this month’s uxWaterloo session he’ll discuss the convergence of lighting and information display and the major effects it will have on architecture, graphic design, communications and how we live and work.


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Participants will be visited at home by a researcher, who will conduct an interview and will spend time visiting and observing the participant’s home experience with their smartphone. Through the support and generosity of IxDA, the UX Group has grown from an initial experiment two years ago to a community of over 200 people — at absolutely no cost to our members.


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Make the site fun and engaging - Motivate the user to complete their information, involve elements of gaming, and allow sharing with social media. Thanks to all of our workshop participants for bringing their innovative ideas and to REEP for providing us with an excellent design challenge. Inside the lab, you’ll find a range of emerging technologies such as Christie Canada’s, GestureTek’s and,’s interactive FX, and Kommerz’s.


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The responsibilities of the Information Architect include designing user interfaces, informing functional specifications, performing competitive reviews and creating flows, wireframes and process maps. Create and effectively present UX deliverables (wireframes, workflows, paper prototypes, etc.) to explain and negotiate design solutions to key stakeholders.