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By: Tangam Systems  09-12-2011
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How are you managing minimums & table spread now?

As a seasoned gaming operator, you know the importance of opening the right number of tables and managing table game betting minimums to respond to customer demand.  The effectiveness of these tasks can significantly impact profitability and the customer experience. Yet, you may feel a lack of control over this important aspect of your operations, relying on anecdotal comments from staff, 'one-size-fits-all' utilization tables, and 'all-in' revenue numbers that don't tell you the whole story.

Designed for table games directors who need more control, transparency and efficiency when it comes to managing their table games, TYM is an award-winning software platform that takes the guesswork out of minimums management and table spread planning. TYM allows you to deliver consistent customer occupancy and yieldmaximum profits every hour, every day by issuing real-time recommendations to floor staff about how to move table minimums up or down, based on actual player demand. TYM also accumulates and analyzes the floor data, providing reports and dashboards that allow you to optimize your table spread more accurately and gain new insights into your table games performance. TYM will:

  • Increase your table games' profitability by 3% to 10%, by optimizing player occupancies and rounds-per-hour. One casino gained over $500k ($18.5k / table) in a single quarter alone due to TYM.
  • Dramatically improve the quality of your players' experience, by making sure that your minimums and table spread match player demand and by protecting your high-value players from interruptions. Another casino eliminated 82% of their high-value player interruptions.
  • Provide complete visibility and control. TYM puts actionable information in your hands to help you improve your table spread based on trends and data from your casino floor, manage your staff performance, and measure the quality of your players' experience.

"Despite some healthy initial skepticism about yield managing table games, we’ve found that TYM has fully delivered on its promises of improving profitability and bettering the player experience."

- Bart Pestrichello, Corporate VP of Table Games at Stations Casinos

TYM works with your existing player data system -- receiving head count, table betting minimums and wager data -- to analyze casino-wide player demand in real-time. TYM's recommendations take into account your own 'business rules' (i.e. "we always need to have two $5 games open on Saturday mornings") and management-defined occupancy levels for each betting tier.

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Keywords: Casino, Games, profitability, Table Game, Table Games

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