System-On-Chip (SOC) Technologies Inc - services

By: Soc Technologies  09-12-2011

          Product Design/Development Areas
  • Video/Audio processing chips and devices
  • Image processing cores and chips
  • TCP/IP Stack and Ethernet IP cores/chips
  • Communication devices or components
  • Sensor network hardware interfaces
  • Control system devices or interfaces
  • CameraLink interfaces
  • Industry systems
  • USB devices
  • Computer I/O interface devices
  • Other system-on-chip development

  • MEX-100 FPGA development/prototype platforms
  • Single chip for video-over-IP
  • Single chip for digital projector over Internet

          Single Chip Solutions
  • Single Chip for Video-Over-IP (SD, HD and VHD)
  • Single Chip for Digital Projector IP Connection

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System-On-Chip (SOC) Technologies Inc - products

Very high speed MPEG codecs for digital cinema, medical, research and telepresence applications. Very low gate counts (small footprint) allowing multiple MPEG engines to fit in a single chip. High quality and low cost MPEG2/4 codecs and transcoders for all resolutions. Low power consumption for wireless devices. MEPG Codecs and Single Chips.