Sandvine : Solutions Overview

By: Sandvine  09-12-2011
Keywords: management solutions, service providers, Product Suite

Enabling Better Broadband with Network Policy Control

Sandvine is dedicated to building solutions that allow today’s DSL, FTTx, cable, fixed wireless and mobile data service providers to increase network profitability while improving the quality of experience (QoE) for the consumer. Network Policy Control is a network and service management technique that supports all access technologies, all users and all applications to:

1. Identify convergent network conditions including subscriber, application and location

2. Evaluate in real-time business logic rules to make policy decisions locally

3. Enforce policy actions locally and remotely that affect network conditions and subscriber experiences

Measure, Manage and Maximize Your Network

Whether a network operator is operating in an emerging market where sustainable growth is the primary issue, or fighting in a competitive landscape where rapid innovation is the key to success, Sandvine’s product suite can take the network to the next level.

Business Intelligence

A critical requirement of successful Internet business strategy is sufficient data to make informed decisions regarding service plans, management policies, capital investments and premium services.Service providers have long since had access to detailed information from billing and operations systems, but only recently is that information being combined with application-level awareness of per-subscriber Internet usage.

Traffic Optimization

  • Improve subscriber quality of experience while complying with equity and fairness objectives
  • Implement fair congestion management solutions to reduce the capacity needed for growth and peak hours

Service Creation

  • Enhance the Internet experience while unlocking new revenue opportunities with personalized value-added services

Operations Management

  • Minimize malicious network traffic, including outbound e-mail spam
  • Simplify regulatory filtering compliance
  • Identify quality issues before subscribers do

Keywords: management solutions, Product Suite, service providers, Traffic Optimization

Other products and services from Sandvine


Sandvine : Traffic Optimization

Based on accurate identification of application types and associated usage patterns, Traffic Optimization provides the broadest range of policy management options such as application-based and subscriber-based approaches, aggregate and per-subscriber shaping, prioritization, caching and content acceleration.


Sandvine: Business Intelligence

With unique insight and advanced analysis capabilities such as trending, predictive modeling and statistical operations, Business Intelligence enables confident business decisions regarding service plans, traffic management policies and capital investments. It is the depth of insight that couples application- and subscriber-aware network stats with data from billing systems to accurately model network operation at a business level.


Sandvine : Products

Sandvine’s portfolio of carrier-class products enable service providers to increase customer satisfaction, deliver differentiated services, optimize network resources and mitigate the proliferation of malicious traffic. Broadband and wireless operators are focusing on network policy control solutions to differentiate and protect their IP service offering.


Sandvine : Service Creation

Amidst this rapidly-changing landscape of bandwidth commoditization, service providers must find a sustainable source of competitive advantage and a cost-effective means to combat this trend. Bandwidth Tier Management enables the creation of customized broadband access service plans that can be defined by a number of individual network usage patterns such as.